CSN considers it an admirable feat to poke fun at Borg Olivier’s historical figure

The Civil Society Network was offended by my article in which I criticized the fact that Eve Borg Bonello had poked fun at the historical figure of Giorgio Borg Olivier. It seems that Borg Bonello forms part of CSN and the network went all out to defend her when it should have explained to her that her joke was inappropriate. Instead CSN wrote a post justifying Eve Borg Bonello’s action and depicted me as some sort of odd lecturer targeting a teenager! If these are the future supporters and would-be politicians of the PN, then there definitely is no hope for the party.

I will not state that the PN is being run by ‘snowflakes’ who have an inflated sense of uniqueness and an unwarranted sense of entitlement in the PN. There are a number of upstarts who are so hollow that they do not even know the history of the Nationalist Party. One of the reasons why they are full of themselves is because they do not come from a Nationalist background and therefore, they do have an acumen or an interest in the party’s history. People of my generation remember the nasty jokes that Labourites played on Borg Olivier. They even used to address him as il-Barri.

Hailing from Paola, I still remember Nationalists talking about bulls being brought to Paola Square as part of a Labour Party’s political demonstration. For people of my generation, Borg Olivier remains an important figure to be revered. It is not acceptable that individuals  poke fun and make jokes about the dead who cannot defend themselves. This is plain cowardice particularly if they are active within the Nationalist Party. Where is the propriety and sense of respect that they should have been taught as they were growing up? Respect for their elders, their leaders, mentors and our country’s historical figures? While youngsters, like everybody else, have a right to their freedom of expression similarly they must also take responsibility for their actions. If they are incapable of behaving with due decorum, they are a useless species. If the younger generation in the Nationalist Party poke fun and make jokes of political icons how can we convince our political opponents to respect them? Clearly the CSN does not give two hoots about our history, our political figureheads and are only interested in making mischief for the sheer hell of it; otherwise it would not defend the indefensible.  

This is not the first, nor will it be last, attack by CSN on my persona. Little does CSN realize that the PN will never return to govern as long as such a mentality is allowed to persist.

On my part, for the record, I am proud to be a university lecturer, a post  I obtained  through hard work and on my own merits.

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