The Times uses a photo related to illegal migration when its article is about human trafficking

The Times of Malta published an article about the issue of human trafficking. A report has come out in a US department – but the Times fails to identity which department it is – about the situation in Malta regarding  human trafficking. This is a subject which interests me. Now by human trafficking, this is understood to mean people smuggling, normally these are women who are smuggled into a country for prostitution purposes or workers who are brought in to work in precarious conditions.

If one reads this article it is clear that the  US report in question is about human trafficking particularly those involved with massage parlours and  prostitution. The article in the Times is all about human trafficking; using  humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation by the trafficker and/or others.

But then, if one looks at the photo used to accompany this article, it is a shot of people smuggling. People smuggling is something totally different. It is about illegal migration and is related to the practice which is normally characterized by the consent of the person being smuggled or even at the request of the person concerned.  

If those responsible had made a simple search on the web they would have realised the difference and would not have chosen the wrong photo.

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