The government vaccine policy confirms that we are definitely a colony of the EU

Blog post by Marica Micallef

An article by The Malta Independent on Sunday of 6th June states that since Malta has surpassed the 70% summer quota needed to reach herd immunity set by the EU, the Maltese government has now “set a new target and aims to have vaccinated 80% of the eligible population in the coming days.”[1]

Our health authorities are also confident that they can reach more than the 80% quota and so “Efforts will then be made to reach the remaining 20%.” This 20% was divided into two:  the 10% who still cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons and the other 10% who is refusing to take the vaccine and those who are still undecided.

When Dr Fearne was contacted by the same news portal, he admitted that “Seeing that the supply of vaccines is available, we are pressing ahead to vaccinate as many people as possible, beyond the 70% target set out by the European Commission.” 

What struck me in this article is the following:  “Sources said these groups (the 20%) will be SPECIFICALLY TARGETED in the coming weeks. HEALTH OFFICIALS WILL BE VISITING INDUSTRIAL ESTATES AND OTHER WORKPLACES TO OFFER THE VACCINE ON SITE”, the reason being to reach “people who have not yet registered.” It also adds that “The authorities will also be reaching out to people who had been invited to register but failed to do so.”

Reaching out? Where is the freedom of choice? Where is the respect towards a person’s choice not to take the vaccine, in a democratic country? And how will these health officials react when workers will refuse the vaccine on-site? How come these health officials have the right to know who refuses the vaccine? Where is the data protection?

What is the implication in all this? The implication is that we are being ruled by the EU. Our politicians did not fight it and now they have no choice. Perhaps, it is better to state that they could not fight it because we are now a colony of the EU. We are definitely worse off than when we were a British colony!


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