Repubblika and its pact on abortion

While I fully endorse Rachel Williams’message that everyone has a right to life, and this includes the unborn child, I cannot refrain from commenting on her post on Facebook.

In this post, Rachel Williams, who is an activist with Repubblika and Occupy Justice and works hand in hand with Manuel Delia and Alexandra Dee Crespo exposed a tacit agreement that was reached between Repubblika and Occupy Justice not to speak about the issue of abortion. They agreed not to comment in favour or against abortion. In other words, they agreed to sit on the fence! Williams goes on to state that Manuel Delia has been sidestepping the issue. But Williams should note that those who agree to remain silent on an issue, are actually implictly approving it. 

At the same time, this activist of Occupy Justice and Repubblika is disagreeing with those, amongst her companions, who are currently supporting abortion and she is to be applauded.   

But still, the message is clear. She is politely saying that one does not wash one’s dirty linen in public. But the PN’s dirty linen was washed in public when Adrian Delia, became leader of the Nationalist Party. These organizations and their members vouched to destroy him politically.  They did not bother to organize protests to destroy him. And all this propaganda was built on a big fat lie and fabricated news, all aimed to destroy his political image.

2 thoughts on “Repubblika and its pact on abortion

  1. Sitting there silently and when the opportune time arrives they attack . Like raptors waiting their own prey and this is all the issue with these mercenaries.

  2. Just grow a womb of your own, Simon Mercieca, or stay away from women’s reproductive issues.

    And stop harping on about the former leader of the opposition.

    He was voted out by a very large majority.

    There are plenty of actual Current Affairs to discuss.

    The abortion dilemma is not a current affair. Abortions have been going on for millennia. And the discarding of IVF human embryos has been taing place since the 1970’s. That’s an abortive practice too.

    The voting out of the previous opposition leader is not a Current Affair either. In fact, it is very old hat.

    Your website needs to freshen up.

    It appears to be stuck in a time warp.

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