Exclusive: an email sent to Pfizer by a Maltese citizen, whose father-in-law died after taking the covid-19 vaccine.

I am publishing an email that an old acquaintance of mine from Paola sent to Pfizer because his father-in-law started to feel unwell after taking the first jab and died from blood clots after taking the second jab. Unfortunately, none of the mainstream media published this story. There was a dead silence. In his own words, he was making public the contents of this email

so that what had happened to us, thinking what my father-in-law faced, was just a happening, does not happen again to others. What he, unfortunately, had faced, were all vaccine side effects, and all these unknown to us. Sincere health wishes to you all.

The following is the email sent to Pfizer,

Good morning today Sunday 30th May 2021

I am writing because my father in law, died on Friday 14 May 2021 due to repercussions, after taking his second covid vaccine dose. On the internet yesterday Saturday, I found about other patients, who also suffered similar side effects.

The day after taking his first vaccine dose, he remained feeling unwell and dizzy, and upon medical checks, it resulted that he had started having high blood pressure.

He never suffered from any blood pressure problems whatsoever, previously to taking the covid vaccine.

The day after taking his first vaccine dose, he also started having loss of appetite, both in eating and in drinking.

He never suffered from any loss of appetite problems, previously to taking the covid vaccine. In fact, he was the type of guy always thinking about his next meal or his next tea break, and don’t you dare to interrupt him during his sacred meal or tea times.

His blood pressure continued rising to such a high point, even with medical control treatment, that he needed to be taken urgently to hospital. I remember it was a Saturday at noon. He was released days later.

The day after taking his second vaccine dose, he remained in bed since he could not get out of bed, because he felt his back being paralyzed, and upon this, his wife started feeling very afraid in such a situation.

He never suffered from any physical movement problems, previously to taking the covid vaccine. He was always going around independently, and finding every excuse to go out on any errand. This situation aggravated to a point that he was frequently unable to stand straight due to his back problems, and resulted in him having to be taken again to hospital.

At hospital he was also further diagnosed having blood clots. Unfortunately, this time, he went out of hospital only in a coffin.

Health wishes from Malta, Europe, an island in centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

On its part, Pfizer sent him the following reply:

Although your message is important to us and we read all messages, you may not receive a personal reply due to the large volume of messages we receive.

Pfizer may contact you to get more information about your request.

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  1. Myself i’m still suffering with the second pfizer jab,doctors and a specialist informed me that the second jab has attacked my scaitica nerve still taking medication without sucsess.

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