The Italian journalist Matteo Gracis refers to the 10 questions that citizens should be asking the Health Authorities about the Covid19 Pandemic.

A blog post sent by an Italian reader.

MATTEO GRACIS is an Italian journalist who is very critical of the Covid19 measures in his home country. What follows is an unofficial transcription in English of a speech he gave in Italy recently. Those who want to listen to his speech can find it in the link at the end of this article. Gracias begins his speech by stating that true journalism isn’t supposed to make one believe but should make one doubtful. He then goes on to ask 10 questions. He asks why these ten questions are not being asked by journalists. Nobody seems to be interested to ask why.

1) We are told that we are entering into a pandemics era, yet nobody speaks about the importance of our immune system, which depends on the food we eat, the sports activities we do and the exposure to the sun we have: WHY?

2) The average age of people who officially died from covid falls within the standard parametres of Europe’s life expectancy. Therefore, WHY don’t we just try to protect the elderly and let all the others run a normal life?

3) WHY the decrease in infected people and deaths is now attributed to mass vaccination, whereas last year, WITHOUT vaccination, the numbers followed the same trend or were even better?

4) WHY, for the many problems we are experiencing, journalists point their fingers just at the virus and NOT instead at the political management of the virus?

5) WHY do they let speak only experts and virologists who are inflating the numbers, predicting catastrophes, and are constantly pushing for the vaccine and not also those scientists, experts and virologists who have alternative views on the matter?

6) WHY does nobody speak about the Great Reset? It is not a conspiracy theory. It has been presented at the World Economic Forum and this agenda is being implemented day after day, warped in speed thanks to the “pandemic”, ie, cashless society, mass vaccination, health passports, universal basic income, etc. Ultimately it is aimed at changing the structure of western society as we have known it for decades.

7) WHY does nobody speak about how most people have become hypochondriac, paranoid, fearful of a disease that kills more or less as any normal flu? It will take years, or decades, to get rid of the virus, not the sarscov2 but the FEAR VIRUS, that has taken away the joy of living of many people. For many, FEAR has overcome the desire to live. Many people have become just living zombies.

8) WHY do we continue to ignore the many existing conflicts of interest, first of all, and a huge one, that of the European Medicine Agency (EMA)? This is not an independent agency at all: 84% of its budget is financed by the big pharma. Given this conflict of interest, the EMA can’t have any credibility; it can’t have my trust.

9) WHY does the government continue to obstruct and block the cures that work? In Italy, paracetamol and staying alert have proved to be the only effective cures.

10) WHY all the censorship and even the expulsion from the medical register of those doctors who have proved to be successful in curing thousands of patients?

NOW: What can we do? I don’t know what to tell but this is what I do: I resist, I connect with like-minded people and I disobey illegal and illegitimate restrictions.

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