Matthew Caruana Galizia wrote post to foment hatred against Dr. Anna Mallia

On 27 May 2021, Matthew Caruana Galizia chose to write the following message on Facebook:

Today Anna Mallia, Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer, accused the court hearing the wrongful death case against her client of being complicit in money laundering, or of verging on being complicit. Maybe she should Google her client’s name.

I would like to stress that post was written by Matthew Caruana Galizia. This is a nonsensical comment. Its importance lies in the fact that it was written on the same day that lawyer Anna Mallia represented Yorgen Fenech in a civil case concerning the Caruana Galizia family’s claim for compensation. Lest we forget, I fail to understand how any compensation can be contemplated by court from a person who has not yet been prosecuted and found guilty.

I will not comment on the fact that Matthew’s followers tried to ridicule Anna Mallia. One told her to go to a retirement home for defending Yorgen Fenech. Another one called her a dinosaur. However, readers do not need reminding that those who choose to ridicule a woman are those who have the full support of the higher echelons in the European Parliament!

But what is truly disturbing is the fact that Matthew Caruana Galizia is asking his followers to google Yorgen Fenech. Why has he not asked his followers to google Arthur Azzopardi? Just in case any one has forgotten, to date the lawyer defending Arthur Azzopardi in a libel against me, is the same lawyer of the Caruana Galizia family. I am here referring to Dr. Joseph Zammit Maempel. Arthur Azzopardi was the same lawyer who filed five libel cases against Matthew’s mother Daphne Caruana Galizia!

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