Corinthia Palace Hotel Attard refuses a booking to Julian Hofstra

The legal representative of Mr. Julian Hofstra attempted to make a reservation with the Corinthia Palace Hotel Attard for the forthcoming visit of his client to Malta. The reply received by Julian Hofstra legal representative is the following:

“Further to your enquiry with regards to the backlisting of Mr. Hofstra from booking with us here at the Corinthia Palace, I can confirm that the blacklisting is still in effect and that we will not be able to accommodate any requests for stays or other services for the gentleman.

Thank you for your enquiry


Adrian Attard is the general manager of Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard.

While it is known that Mr. Hofstra has visited Malta several times in the past, now he would like to come again as a European citizen.

According to Mr. Hofstra, the reason he was given unofficially by the General Manager, Adrian Attard is because of the negative publicity that Mr. Hofstra was subjected to in the local press and which was deliberately created by the media.

“I spoke with the General Manager Attard and he said that he does not want to accommodate me because of the problems with the media and his relations with the family”.

On my part, I have contacted the General Manager of the Corinthia Palace Hotel, Mr. Adrian Attard, about this issue and his reply was the following:

Thanks for your email. Much as we may wish to extend our cooperation, please appreciate that it is not for hotel companies, including Corinthia, nor are we permitted under data protection rules, to comment in any way on our guests.”

I find this a very strange reaction from a five-start hotel as if one wants to turn down a booking one can do so in a more chic manner. Do you want tourism? Do you want that these stories end up in the Dutch press? I wish to conclude that once somebody has paid his debt to society, he becomes a free citizen and the right to enjoy the same treatment meted to others.

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