The European Commission and the imposition of Green passports

Marica Micallef

The introduction of a Digital Green Certificate by the EU is discriminatory since the majority of the EU citizens have not been vaccinated, some do not wish to be vaccinated and others (like pregnant women and children) are unable to get vaccinated. Won’t this certificate affect adversely the movements of these people?

In addition, since the European Commission had in the past stated that those who would have recovered from Covid-19, would also be allowed to travel, why then does the EU want to introduce such a passport for all? Does this imply that all those who recovered from Covid-19 will still need to be vaccinated?

A likewise important question is: since medical information is private and part of the data protection, can the EU tell us beforehand how will this data be collected, hosted, handled and used? It is claimed that data protection will be respected but there are no indications on how to these will be achieved.

The fact that this certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature and that each issuing body, like hospitals, has its own signature key stored in a secure country’s database, is, for me, very alarming! Will the unvaccinated not be allowed in hospital since this QR code might now be needed for admission? Will they be refused treatment? Will this happen in Malta too?

Since Profs Gauci already said that they are looking up to Israel, will the Maltese be allowed in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses as long as they have this certificate, like in Israel? Lately, I have also noticed some imported food that has this QR code.  Will those eligible for this certificate be only allowed to buy this food?

Since now 540 MEPs have given the go-ahead to the EU Covid-19 certificate, with a valid expiry date of one year, what will happen after this year? Why is there this timeframe? Aren’t vaccines giving immunisation for a lifetime? So, shouldn’t these certificates, if implemented, be valid for a longer time? What will happen after these stipulated dates?

In Israel, the certificates for vaccinated individuals are valid for six months while that of a recovered coronavirus patient is valid till 30.06.2021. What will happen after these six months? Will the countries return to the normal passport? Or does this mean that people are going to have to get vaccinated every six months? Doesn’t this pose a serious health risk for everyone? Doesn’t it show that these vaccines are not as effective as the authorities want people to believe?

Doesn’t this show that passports are, in reality, meant for control purposes and imposition rather than to prevent the virus from spreading? Are all those in Malta who are in favour of this certificate for domestic use, as stated by the news portal “Illum” aware of the consequences of their judgment?

With this type of legislation, those who are stating that COVID stands for (C) CERTIFICATE (O) OF (V)VACCINE (ID) IDENTIFICATION are being proved right.

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