Lovin Malta’s preference for a divide and conquer attitude in one of its titles

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The act of vandalism on the Curia façade yesterday is to be condemned and I disassociate myself totally from such illegal act, and any other similar activities. Though right now, one is attacked on all fronts for voicing any opinion which differs from mainstream propaganda. Journalist Jean-Paul Azzopardi of Lovin Malta has paved the way with his title “Anti-vaxxers target Curia in ignorant act of vandalism”. Accusing without proof that this is an action by the anti-vaccine individuals is a no-no!

First, grouping the “pro-vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers” in separate umbrellas is a fallacy in itself. Citizens have a right to refuse any medical intervention and have a right to choice. One needs to remember that people were given the option to refuse the flu vaccine, and for this reason, people have also the option to refuse the covid vaccine. Health is a private matter and only the individual can decide for himself.  Here may I remind the readers that covid was described in the beginning by our Health Authorities as producing flu-like symptoms. The flu did kill people in the past and yet, there was never any fuss done about it and past flu vaccines were not mandatory.

Secondly, with a virus of a recovery rate of 99.7%, it is still mind-boggling why people, who are refusing or are still hesitant about taking the vaccine, are frowned upon or labelled “anti-vaxxers”. 

Thirdly, what evidence does Jean-Paul Azzopardi have to smear someone with the vague term of “anti-vaxxer”? Was he there to witness the act? Does he have any proof of who carried it out? Could it have been done by someone who is pro-vaccine and wants to further divide and rule the nation? Is Mr. Azzopardi aware of the implications of such a title? Does he know that with his pen, he carries great responsibility, especially in a mainstream media which writes only one-sided arguments, supporting a global propaganda exercise of the worse kind?

When will local (and foreign) journalism turn into an investigative one which gives the general public TRUTH, or at least, the two sides of the story? Why does journalism encourage more polarization in society?

When will journalism write about vaccine damage, vaccine-related injuries and vaccine deaths, covering not only covid vaccines but also other vaccines of the past? Why are journalists selective and kowtowing to the powers that be and in the process they are misleading the citizens on these matters?

Why do journalists not do proper research and mention that this is an ongoing experimental vaccine, about which we will only start having an overall picture in 2025? Why do they not write about the possible future consequences that this vaccine might have on some of the individuals who have taken it in the years to come?

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