Police desperately trying to salvage Jason Azzopardi’s political career and their face

Today’s main article in The Times of Malta is that the police are probing into Yorgen Fenech’s bitcoin account and transactions. The Times is telling us that the police are investigating Yorgen Fenech over his bitcoin accounts and is checking whether he had used these accounts to purchase arms, poison or drugs over the internet.

The story that Yorgen Fenech made illegal purchases from a dark website first surfaced in the media in September 2020. Back then, it was stated that Yorgen Fenech wanted to buy a firearm from a dark website. I have written and showed that this was all false.

Now, the police are presenting us with a new theory that Yorgen Fenech wanted to import poison. This importation of poison is being linked to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s case. But never was it mentioned that Daphne was going to be killed by poison. Poison was only mentioned by middleman Melvin Theuma. Theuma feared being poisoned by Fenech. If one goes along with Melvin Thuema’s account, Fenech was already in possession of poison when in court he testified that Fenech may have poisoned the piece of meat and the wine he was given as a  present and threw them away!  What we therefore can conclude is that today’s story contradicts Theuma’s version. The gist of The Times’ copy is that Yorgen Fenech failed in his attempt to import poison.

Finally, what these stories reveal is that there is a link between The Times and the Police. This is extremely serious when one remembers that the Times should be investigated by the Police for publishing material from Yorgen Fenech’s phone. Clearly, this story is being published because the police are panicking. People are no longer believing the police narrative.

I close friend of mine, Joe Cassar, known as Peppino, who was both a politician and eventually a magistrate, once told me that when the police seek to add a list of accusations and charges, it is a clear indication that the Police have lost the case. They do it – to use his words – “biex jolqtu” or “ to hit”. In other words, so that the accused can be found guilty on at least one count!

On the other hand, The Times is now showing its intent. It has linked this story to a past blog by Jason Azzopardi about this subject and was quick to add another post, posted by the same Jason Azzopardi on this same subject today. These posts by Jason Azzopardi are being given great importance by The Times. Readers should remember that Jason Azzopardi is one of the individuals who is in possession of Yorgen Fenech’s photos and chat messages, including those that were illegally published by The Times of Malta.

But what The Times failed to state is whether Yorgen Fenech is going to be charged in court on the importation of cyanide poison. Nor are we told whether Yorgen Fenech was interrogated by the police on this point. The Times normally is in possession of such information. Why?

The only logical conclusion for publishing such an article is that both the Police and The Times are in collusion in a desperate attempt to salvage Jason Azzopardi’s political career, and in the process, the police too would save their face.

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