Is Matthew Caruana Galizia’s objection to pardon valid?

The main news in yesterday’s papers dealt with a request for a pardon by the Degiorgio brothers in return for revealing ‘direct information’ they have concerning Daphne Caruana Galizia’s case and more. What is strikingly odd here is that her family strongly opposes that such a pardon is granted. In an article that appeared in yesterday’s Times of Malta (March 31, 2021),  Matthew Caruana Galizia is quoted as stating that his family

“is vehemently opposing the Degiorgios request for a pardon in exchange for revealing all

Adding that

“the accused pose a grave threat to the safety of my family, to our lawyers, to investigators, to prosecutors and to society in general,”

 Matthew and his family never objected to  Theuma’s request for pardon, which was granted, but has yet not brought any closer to the end of this sordid business.

Nonetheless, the Degiorgio brothers’ request has provoked this startling reaction from Matthew Caruana Galizia. But Why should the Degiorgio brothers pose any threat to Matthew, his family, the family lawyers, the investigators, the prosecutors and society in general? What a wide spectrum! Surely family lawyers, prosecutors, investigators are, we hope, performing to the best of their abilities the duties required of their chosen profession. Threats go with the territory. He obviously must know something more than we do to declare that he feels threatened. So why not ask for protection for himself and his family? Surely, it would be granted if he has good reason.

Why should the Degiorgio brothers only pose a threat now? After all, they are behind bars, accused of an alleged murder most foul. So what does Matthew fear that Degiorgio brothers could reveal which would be so damaging to his family and others close to his family?

Surely getting to know once and for all the who, whys and wherefores responsible for his mother’s assassination should be Matthew’s paramount concern. Yet he appears more concerned about the ‘grave threat’ if the Degiorgios are pardoned. If indeed, he feels threatened, then he should come clean and explain why he feels threatened and no doubt he will require protection. At which point, he should leave the grave threats to be tackled by the professionals.  

So what is Matthew implying by dragging in, even ‘society in general’? To my mind, society in general has long been at risk and way before this particular assassination. It is Daphne who was the victim and paid for it all in such a horrendous fashion. So why does Matthew now come out with such a declaration? It is just mind-boggling. What do the Degiorgio brothers know and what are they prepared to reveal? This is all subject to some form of plea bargaining being accepted by the Government. Why is their request upsetting not only the Caruana Galizias but also the investigators, the prosecution and the family lawyers?

From Matthew’s own words it is apparent that, together with others close to him, they are desperate to silence these two men. So what indeed do these brothers know that all those mentioned by Matthew want to keep under wraps? What could have damaging repercussions on Daphne’s family? What can be more damaging than to have a mother killed yet it is imperative that the Degiorgios remain silenced even at the cost of never solving the case in toto? 

According to the Degiorgios, they have information that can implicate ‘others’ as the masterminds. If this is the case, there is a possibility that the whole truth will finally start coming out and the maze of a frame-up that has been orchestrated against and around Yorgen Fenech will be revealed. If this happens, not only will this weaken the Caruana Galizias’ stand but they will lose the chance of making millions out of the tragedy. Of course, there is also the possibility that the family will end up being sued for damages.

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