The Mysterious Lawyer

Yesterday’s compilation of evidence against Jamie Vella and the Maksar brothers gives rise to more questions than it is giving answers. To crown matters, we also have a mystery lawyer, who must remain so by court order, who is being repeatedly mentioned! Why?  

What Vince Muscat and Superintended Keith Arnaud have mentioned in court about this mystery-lawyer is extremely perturbing. To start with, we are told that this lawyer visited Vince Muscat while at the Corradino Correctional Facility and eventually arranged a meeting with Supt. Arnaud at Police Head Quarters. A meeting which was granted the very next day! Exceptional speed. This mystery-lawyer appears to be super confident of his standing within the powers that be within the police force

When this meeting was arranged, Vince Muscat was already in custody. During the meeting at HQ, in the presence of Supt. Arnaud, this gutless lawyer requested Vince Muscat to change the version he had already given in testimony. The lawyer purportedly asked Vince Muscat to change his version and say that he owed Melvin Theuma money and admit to having lied about the latter. Vince Muscat remained silent and refused to change his version. Arnaud intervened adding the decision was his (il Kohhu’s). It was a matter of either a yes or a no. At the point, this mystery-lawyer addressed Arnaud saying that if Muscat did not change his version, his life and that of Muscat would be in danger. After which, Arnaud took all the necessary precautions to protect their lives and that of their respective families who also were threatened.  

It seems that the original version was that Melvin Theuma was the one who owed money to il Koħħu! Does all this have to do with the money that was paid for the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia? The question we should all be asking here is whether this mystery-lawyer  is going to be investigated by the police?

Let’s not forget, that one of the subjects that Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote at length was on oil smuggling and those involved in this dirty business. In fact, in the past,  oil smuggling had been mentioned as the cause of    Daphne Caruana Galizia’s brutal assassination!

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