Hidden Recordings and Disclosure of Evidence

Melvin Theuma’s recordings are the key to the entire proceedings against Yorgen Fenech. The police and the prosecution are basing their prosecution on the reliability and veracity of these recordings. Nonetheless, the police are now facing a serious hitch.

When the police presented the recordings in court, the police declared that some recordings could not be retrieved. It should be stated that the police presented all the recordings but some of the recordings were hidden or concealed and therefore, could not be properly heard.

For example, one of the tapes that has been concealed is that where Melvin Theuma is heard talking to Edwin Brincat, known as il-Ġojja, about the offer of 15,000 euros to the Police Commissioner, Lawrence Cutajar. The defence, doing their job correctly, have retained the services of their own IT expert who confirms the existence of such a recording and succeeded in retrieving all the material that was hidden!

In order to extricate himself and possibly bail out the police from this mess, Melvin Theuma is now stating that this particular recording is all bluff.  If this is a bluff then all the rest are to be considered dubious. 

Nevertheless, the gravity here is that by not presenting this particular recording – and who knows what else – we are going to the dogs. It is now confirmed that the tape in question concerned information about the previous police commissioner. Thus, irrespective of whether this piece of evidence is true or not, it undermines the credibility of the prosecution and the police.

At this stage, one would have expected the Magistrate to order an investigation.

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