The team from outside hospital who helped: the retired foreign doctor from the UK

Little did I know that when I posted the story of my father on Facebook, together with his photo, another professional would also come through.  This time it was a retired foreign doctor from the UK who managed to get in touch with my brother, whose contact details can be seen on Facebook, unlike mine.

This doctor happened to have known and met my father abroad, via football.  He recognised my father from the photo.  This doctor, whose name and surname will remain private, as his wishes, got in touch with my brother via Whatsapp where he sent an audio clip which my brother made the local medical staff listen to in one of the meetings.

This doctor advised the local medical staff to perform a tracheostomy on my dad.  This is a hole that surgeons make through the front of the neck and into the windpipe, where a tube is placed into the hole to keep it open for breathing.  This provided my dad an air passage to help him breathe when the usual route for breathing is blocked or reduced. 

Unfortunately, this tracheostomy took a week to be performed.  At this stage, I had stopped receiving calls from Mater Dei to give me information about my dad and I never received more calls. Thankfully my brother had a friend, who was a nurse at hospital who used to call him to give him news. Simply because I presented legal letters and because I was showing concern for my father’s well being and trying to save him, does not make me anything more than a loving daughter. My attitude was always very respectful, albeit confident and strong.  When we knew that this tracheostomy could give us a ray of hope for dad, but was being postponed. My brother became angry and told the hospital that if it was not going to be done immediately, we were going to take further action. This was a matter of life and death, on a patient in the ITU, who was on the brink of death. 

This procedure was finally done on Saturday 7th November 2020 by a very good local surgeon, whom I thank from here and send my blessings. On Sunday 8th November 2020, my father was transferred to ITU 1. 

In the meantime, my brother kept on being in touch with this foreign doctor and also sharing the numbers which showed on the ventilator and other machines, albeit the local staff’s opposition.  At one point, this foreign doctor told my brother “Either your dad is dead, and they did not realise, or he is a living miracle! With those numbers, he cannot be alive!”

In ITU 1, we were faced with another challenge. My dad couldn’t wake up and the little he used to be awake, the medical staff told us that he was not responsive.  According to the medical staff, this was due to Covid-19. According to myself, since my dad was mistakenly diagnosed with Covid-19, this was due to the loads of toxic medicine and sedation which my dad was given. My dad was still on the brink of death and we were still told that he has a 50/50 chance of making it. Miraculously, the foreign doctor here advised the doctors to administer my dad HYDROCORTISONE IV, which made my dad wake up and start understanding what is going on!

We kept on liaising with this doctor till the end of my father’s journey in Mater Dei and Karen Grech. He also advised us to give our father healing herbs and home made soups when my dad could start swallowing, massaging his chest with a certain kind of oil and give my father natural aids to help his lungs once he was home. I will discuss these in a future blog.

I would like to thank this foreign doctor from the bottom of my heart. Without his intervention and that of a particular local scientist and even supportive local doctors, who do not want to be named, my father would now be dead and buried while I cry endless tears, with a broken heart.

I would also like to thank my brother for the ongoing support, his work behind the scenes and being the medium between this doctor and local medical staff.

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