Was Mater Dei forced to open up an extra ITU due to influx of new patients suffering from post-vaccine fatal complications?

Blogpost by Marica Micallef

An article in The Times of Malta on 10th March 2021, read that Mater Dei Hospital has been forced to open up a third COVID-19 intensive care unit. This has brought the total number of wards up to five, in order to cater for the new influx of patients who are critical.  

“Times of Malta can confirm the unit started to be used on Tuesday afternoon, with sources saying this had been expected since the number of critical patients continued to spike in recent days. This was one of the direct impacts of the rise in cases in the community.”

Isn’t it a coincidence that this has happened with the vaccine roll out? Many patients have already taken their first and second shot of the vaccine since December. Why aren’t the health authorities telling us whether these patients presently in ITU had taken the vaccine or not?  Didn’t they reassure us that with the vaccine one is safer, protected and can resume his life normally? Wasn’t the vaccine the solution?

Logic says it that with the elderly already vaccinated, then ITU should see fewer elderly patients, no?  Why don’t journalists ask this question to our health authorities, who have been reassuring us that everything is under control and that, according to Dr Fearne, the wave is in the sea and no Tsunami will hit us!

As for those countries that have put the AstraZeneca vaccine on hold for several cases of patients dying immediately through developing clots etc. And although they are still trying to wake up and see if there is a correlation, I don’t think it is that difficult to make 1+1 and realise that if a healthy person starts suffering from blood clots after taking the vaccine, then the fingers should point at the vaccine, right? Are the health authorities looking into such cases?

In Sicily, ten people are being investigated after the sudden death of a 43 year old official of the Military Marine, who died from a heart attack.  He had received the AstraZeneca vaccine the day before. And he is not the only one to have died after receiving the jab. Many did and they are being reported on VAERS from many worldwide. 

Also, I have noticed that I am seeing more Facebook posts of friends who have lost their elderly family member… is this another coincidence? This is all close to the vaccine roll outs, don’t you think?

And in the meantime, in this little, sweet island where, according to our politicians, everything is perfect, the AstraZeneca vaccine will still continue to be administered and that the same batch which was suspended from foreign countries, has already been administered locally!

I ask these same health authorities, who are obeying blindly what they are being told about the vaccine, if they will take up the responsibility for their statement, that this vaccine is safe? Why are the Health authorities not telling the public that this vaccine is still in experimental phase?

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