Professor Dominic Fenech’s reply to Kevin Cassar’s article Academics behaving badly

Professor Dominic Fenech, Head of the History Department and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, commented on the article published by Professor Kevin Cassar in today’s Times of Malta. This is what Prof. Fenech wrote:

While sincerely appreciating Prof. Fenech comments, from my end, all I can add is that it is ironic that Kevin Cassar refers to Noam Chomsky to back his argument, while forgetting that his idol, Daphne, and her family had – and still have – no qualms to allude disparagingly to others but then take umbrage when others adopt Daphne & Co.’s modus operandi. It is also obvious that Kevin Cassar must not have read Chomsky carefully. Had he done so, he would have realized that Chomsky’s theories are extremely critical of those who, like Cassar and the Caruana Galizia’s, believe, they belong to a first tier elite.

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