Will Matthew Caruana Galizia be accused for contempt of court?

Matthew Caruana Galizia, the son of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, went on his  Facebook page and wrote a disparaging post against a Maltese judge. This time round, this post is aimed at Judge Aaron Bugeja and his female court assistant. Matthew Caruana Galizia addresses her as registrar. It is opportune to remind the readers that Dr. Aaron Bugeja was the person who, when  as magistrate, was appointed and had to investigate the Egrant story and proved that Matthew Caruana Galizia’s mother had lied about Joseph Muscat and his family.

From Matthew Caruana Galizia’s post, it is clear that he is not even aware that Aaron Bugeja was appointed judge on 17 July 2019 and therefore he is no longer a magistrate. Not only is Matthew Caruana Galizia dead-set on poking fun on the judge and his female court assistant but also wants to convey a message which goes beyond decency. He wrote the following:

“Not sure whether I miss my mother more when Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi are arrested or when watching Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s registrar making lasagne with octopus and strawberry yoghurt in her leopard print dressing  gown. Hope you’re having a laugh in heaven. ”

Imagine me writing a post with such a content and getting away with it. Rest assured that Magistrate Rachel Montebello would immediately put me under contempt of court. But I have to say that I am proud not to be a Caruana Galizia! I wish to recall that this magistrate has put me twice under contempt of court. The first time on the request of Matthew Caruana Galizia, his two siblings and father, who incidentally is a lawyer. The second time was on request of the Assistant Attorney General, Philip Galea Farrugia on whom I have posted a separate article. This time round, the reason given for being under contempt of court is that I wrote about a court official. Now after Matthew Caruana Galizia posted this sentence, will he be put under contempt of the court for trying to ridicule a judge of Malta’s prestigious court and his court assistant?

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