Pfizer corrupts government officials and medical staff!

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The controversies and corruption around Pfizer are not over yet. In the 1990s, Dr Daniel L. Simmons, a professor of chemistry of Brigham Young University (BYU) discovered an enzyme that later led towards the development of the drug Celebrex. While BYU originally sought 15% royalty on sales, which is equivalent to $9.7 billion, the court filings showed that Pfizer did not give the professor any credit or compensation when it made an agreement with Monsanto to develop a better aspirin. This gave rise to a $450 million amicable settlement without going to trial.  However, Pfizer said it would take a $450 million charge against the first quarter earnings to settle (Poor Company! It had to work really hard to make more medicine and raise their prices up, so that it can MAKE UP FOR ALL ITS MESS OUT OF OUR POCKETS!!!!)[1]

A lot of bribery also goes on behind closed doors where Pfizer bribes government officials in Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Czech Republic, China and Italy, to create more business. Back in 2012, Pfizer had agreed to pay $60.2 million dollars to settle a U.S. government probe of the drug maker’s use of illegal payments to win business overseas, since the 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act makes it illegal for U.S. companies and foreign firms whose stock is traded in the United States to bribe government officials in foreign countries.  Apparently, the company employees had bribed foreign officials to use Pfizer’s products and boost prescriptions.

This corrupt practice also filters medical staff pockets because the company created programs where GOVERNMENT DOCTORS ACCUMULATE POINTS ON THE NUMBER OF PRESCRIPTIONS THEY WROTE WITH PFIZER PRODUCTS! For these points, the doctors could redeem gifts ranging from medical books to cell phones, tea sets and reading glasses. (I feel like I am in a supermarket or Kwiksave scheme!) In our beloved China, Pfizer employees hosted “club-like meetings” with recreational entertainment activities and other incentives for government doctors who wrote a lot of prescriptions!  Wyeth, another pharmaceutical company which Pfizer had acquired in 2009, was also charged with similar practice. So, Pfizer and Wyeth had to settle the amount of more than $45 million.[2]

Thanks to these bribes, Pfizer admitted in making more than $7 million in profits!

Dear Pfizer, how many more billions will you be making out of the Covid-19 vaccine, for which humanity is trusting you with? Will history repeat itself with a future lawsuit in all this?

This is not a game!

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? – Q



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