Christian Peregin replies to my questions

Thank you Simon Mercieca for the question and for giving me the opportunity to clarify this once and for all by answering your questions – something Joseph Muscat and co have repeatedly failed to do with the questions we asked them. The answer is no. I was not awarded a direct order by Air Malta. In 2013 I left my job at Times of Malta to start working in PR consultancy at the brilliant marketing agency BRNDWGN. Before I joined, the agency had won a very competitive tender (remember those?) to be the airline’s marketing agency. When I joined – as a salaried employee of BRNDWGN – Air Malta was one of the many clients I was asked to work on. I kept providing PR services to Air Malta under various chairmanships, working closely with CEOs Peter Davies, Louis Giordimaina, Peter Micallef and chairman Maria Micallef. The airline stopped using my services when I became employed by Lovin Malta, the company I set up in 2016. It’s interesting that every so often somebody with links to the Labour administration accuses me of being given a direct order by that same administration. Not only is it a lie that I have denied more than once, but even if it were true it would only reflect badly on the government. As a private PR consultant without any political or personal affiliations, I wouldn’t have done anything wrong in accepting a direct order to do a job I was best positioned to do. And yet, this lie is used against me in the hope that I lose credibility. It’s interesting that I’ve become public enemy number one to Joseph Muscat’s internet trolls ever since we published a story about Muscat and Edward Zammit Lewis getting free accommodation from Yorgen Fenech. Instead of answering our questions and providing receipts, they send their trolls to attack the messenger. We’ve seen this before. And look where it got our country.

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