A translation into English of the letter sent to the press by the Degiorgio brothers about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and other crimes.

I am here publishing a translation of the letter or, better still, the Press Release written by the Degiorgio Brothers. They back what I have been writing. Without mentioning his name, they state that Yorgen Fenech had nothing to do with this crime, implying that Yorgen Fenech is a victim of a frame-up. No doubt, the Degiorgio brothers confirm that he is not the mastermind of this crime. Above all, they blame Keith Schembri as one of the masterminds behind the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. They are stating loud and clear that Keith Arnaud – the chief investigator in this crime – did not do his work correctly, and that he is a great friend of Keith Schembri. What will Matthew Caruana Galizia and the friendly press do since Matthew Caruana Galizia told us that Keith Arnaud is his hero? One must remember that Matthew Caruana Galizia is backed by the Repubblichini, the English media, the European Parliament, and the media of Malta’s Catholic Church!

Press Release

We, the undersigned, Alfred and George, brothers Degiorgio, who are presently being held at Corradino Correctional Facility, are making this statement so that everyone is informed about what has indeed happened about a number of crimes that took place, about which the truth has been muddled so that certain prominent persons in this country are protected. These facts have been brought to the attention of Prime Minister Robert Abela, the police commissioner, and high-ranking officers of the police force.

We are being depicted as monsters of society. However, without decreasing the gravity of the crimes, we would like to make it clear that we are also victims of the same prominent persons in Maltese society. This is because we were used by different people, including the ex-ministers Carmelo Abela and Chris Cardona, lawyers among whom David Gatt, who was very active, and high-ranking officers within the police corps and the army. We ended up being used by these people. These are individuals who, once they introduce you to their circle, you have to obey their orders.

We want, as we have always wanted, that the whole truth comes out and that each one assumes his responsibilities. But, it is obvious that this is not possible because there are internal pacts that have to be honoured.

We are issuing this Press Release because, after having passed on sensitive information to the Police concerning a number of cases, the police took no action, perhaps on instructions of certain important people. Worse still, we believe that in certain cases the justice system is being used to side-track the truth and certain individuals are being accused who, as far as we know, played no part in these crimes.

We start with the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The facts concerning this case are not as they are being presented or projected by the investigating officers and politicians. We personally know this.

What we know is not from being told but because we are in the know. We believe that there is a plot to exculpate the true criminal who ordered the crime.

The offer of a 1 million euro reward for anyone who comes forward was just a game for the culprit to appear a virgin. Let us be clear, he who was promised and given a pardon warped the truth, and we believe that what he is saying is what he has been told to say.

We declare, as we already told the investigative officers about this case, that those involved were prominent individuals in politics in high positions holding ministerial jobs. In Daphne Caruana Galizia’s, there was also a former Commissioner of Police involved as well as police officers in high posts and to this one must add also the involvement of lawyers and persons of trust. We can testify to the involvement of several people amongst whom are former minister Chris Cardona and Keith Schembri. We can testify to the involvement of former Commissioner of Police Lawrence Cutajar and the Secret Services. Something that has never been mentioned before is that prior to the 2017 elections, the Secret Services were tailing Daphne Caruana Galizia and reporting on her movements. They had been instructed not to go by her residence. This we can confirm.

We know that Inspector Keith Arnaud is a close friend of Keith Schembri, and he arraigned persons we believe played no involvement in the case. We are aware that instructions were given and actions were taken, which did not result from a proper investigation but from the direct orders of a prominent person in order that they [i.e., the real culprits of the murder] are protected. This is not justice.

We are also prepared to reveal, as we have already done, information regarding  certain other serious crimes such as the HSBC heist in 2010. This case also involved prominent persons who up to this day are being given full protection. On this case we have already given information that involved two former ministers Chris Cardona and Carmelo Abela together with lawyer David Gatt. Also involved was a former SAG employee and another individual who was in the SAG, today the RIU. Vince Muscat, il-Koħħu was part of this team and ended being shot in his side. We have already told the police about the involvement of Minister Carmelo Abela and Vincent Muscat, David Gatt and Melvin Theuma in this case, however, no action was taken on the basis of this information despite the fact that we are prepared to testify.

We also know of the involvement of the former Minister Carmelo Abela and Chris Cardona, lawyer David Gatt and Vince Muscat who were involved in the hold-up of the security van carrying money which took place in Santa Venera as you pass the tunnels. We have more details on those involved in this case. In this case, there was the involvement of several well-known criminals and concerned a robbery worth over 2.8 million.

Besides, we already promised that we are would  pass on information regarding the three bombs that between 2012 and 2017 left individuals badly injured. We have already spoken about this to senior Inspector Joseph Mercieca who we know passed on the info to his superiors. Nevertheless, no action was taken. Till this day, these cases remain unsolved and the authorities do not wish them to be solved. We are mentioning these cases because on these cases, amongst others, we have already passed on what we know to the authorities but evidently there is no interest that this information enters the public domain.

Beside these we have and know of other serious cases that for the time being we cannot reveal.

We are not monsters of society as we are being depicted by those involved. We were condemned and completely manipulated by prominent people such as ministers, the Commissioner of Police and high officials in power at the time, as well as officers in the armed forces. We passed on much sensitive information to inspector Keith Arnaud which we expected would be passed on to the Commissioner of Police, the Advocate General, the Cabinet and the President of Malta.

We declare that the above mentioned information is information that we know about personally and is not hearsay. We are prepared to pass on this information afresh but only to those, who truly want to solve these cases and not to the one, as has been happening so far, who used [the info] to further muddle us and protect third parties in their positions and thus make secure his position and that of his family. The oil must rise to the surface of the water.

Today, we are going to end this press statement by sending a message to the President of the Republic of Malta, H.E. Dr George Vella. We know you as a correct and honest person. We ask you to intervene. We believe that the position of President is a crucial position and above administrative and political manipulation. Allow the people you represent to know the truth because he [you] are being misled by he who has influence on the people and certain individuals are even protecting themselves like virgins but are bedeviled and possessed.

We sincerely wish to tell the victims’ families the whole truth in order that they find comfort in the justice that has to be made with he who is truly responsible of these crimes on which we wish to testify.

Thank you

Alfred Degiorgio       George Degiorgio

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