Were the last 3½ years a COVID-19 pandemic or a self-inflicted Public Health Disaster? It is time for a public inquiry!

From a blog reader.

In a previous article, reference was made to an article in the Times of Malta from 2022 covering the excess deaths experienced in Malta. We quoted the flawed explanation given by ‘Health sources’ that “the additional deaths reflected the increase in COVID-related spikes”. 

Those same ‘Health sources’ in the same article said, “as was the case in 2020, the pandemic had resulted in additional deaths that, though not caused by the virus infection, were still an indirect result of the impact of COVID-19.”  

This clearly acknowledges that the onerous measures introduced to lockdown, restrict, quarantine, suppress and isolate, control and mandate, rule and regulate and ultimately divide the community did and continue to contribute to the excess deaths.

The quote confirms that the ‘Health sources’ knew that the obsessive narrative of fear, danger and death, combined with the devastating economic hardship that the measures caused and the mental and emotional pressure, did and continues to contribute to the excess deaths.

Those same ‘Health sources’ know that the appointments and procedures that were postponed or cancelled for those who were receiving treatment, and the diagnosis that was delayed or never happened for those who fell ill, did and continue to contribute to the excess deaths.

In the same article, the Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauci, was quoted as saying, “Only 51 per cent of COVID-19 deaths were directly caused by the virus in April [2022], down from 76 per cent previously.” She went on to say, “This is clearly due to the vaccine.”

We need to know what the Superintendent of Public Health means by this statement! Was this an admission that the vaccine was contributing to the COVID-19 deaths? We also want to know, if only 51% of the COVID-19 deaths in April 2022 (68 as reported by the European Centre for Disease Control) were directly caused by the virus, why were the other 49% of deaths recorded as COVID-19 deaths? What is the actual number of COVID-19 deaths directly caused by the virus? What was the purpose of overstating this number?

When there is no data transparency, there is a high chance that the government is lying to you.

After all, if the data supported their narrative, they would be tripping over themselves to release the data. When it doesn’t help the narrative, they simply never talk about it, pretend it doesn’t exist and tell the media never to ask about it.

3 thoughts on “Were the last 3½ years a COVID-19 pandemic or a self-inflicted Public Health Disaster? It is time for a public inquiry!

  1. Yes, we need an Independent public inquiry which should cover all aspects regarding Covid-19 and which should investigate all actions of government and public health.
    This should include the gene therapy used under “emergency use authorisation”, and with blank PIL (patient information leaflets) which made giving confirmed consent impossible, the PCR swabs, the lockdowns (a prison term) the mask wearing, the restrictions, the coercion to take the shot, the fines, the lack of autopsies, the use of pharmaceutical and expensive treatment such as Remdesivir ($2400 per full course) and withholding cheap and available off label products such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
    It should also include why Malta does not have a compensation scheme for the “vaccine” injured and why data on Maltese excess deaths is not available to the public for the years of 2021 and 2022.

  2. The public enquirers will face the same faith as all do who question the ruling and their handlers. Public scrutiny and shaming – or even being Daphned – I mean capped. They can pad their shoulders now, having done all that they were required by their EU, WEF and Knights of Malta Handlers who are all in cahoots with each other’s policies. And guess what: we are already one step ahead of the requirements for Agenda 2030, building a “Smart City” in Kalkara, at the edge of the Island, having all those electrical cars here, where god knows, how Maltese are going to charge them without causing even more energy blackouts in summer. But all this fits the plan, doesn’t it?

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