New footage shows US Police deliberately fired into the crowd without cause or warning to provoke ‘’insurrection’’   

By Romegas

Since his election as Speaker, Mike Johnson has been under intense pressure from Democrats. He has been called a “Christian fundamentalist” who dreams of establishing a theocracy in the United States. Now the newly minted speaker began to fight back – and started with the true events of January 6.

Johnson has made more than 40,000 hours of surveillance video from the ‘’storming of the Capitol’’ publicly available. Previously, Democrats desperately tried to classify them. While it will take a lot of time to analyze all these video records, footage immediately came to light giving the lie to the official interpretation of the events.

Indeed one of the videos that can be viewed here shows that it was the police, that without warning, began shooting rubber bullets into the crowd along with smoke grenades and tear gas – literally provoking Trump supporters to storm the Capitol. When the crowd surrounded the Congress building, many were quietly allowed in there, slamming the trap shut.

At the beginning of the year, broadcaster Tucker Carlson had already found and aired previous material clearly showing agent provocateurs in the crowd of protesters who urged people to get inside the Capitol – and then, by pure coincidence subsequently avoided charges while random people who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time where thrown the book and have been sent to prison for years.

It is now clear that the entire’’ insurrection’’ was deliberately provoked in an attempt to prosecute Trump and derail his political career. It has now backfired big-time. It is evident that the majority of Americans now understand that the legal cases against Trump are nothing but underhand political prosecution of the dirtiest kind and Trump’s poll numbers have been rising dramatically as a consequence. Once the new footage begins to circulate, yet more millions of Americans will see the true nature of what they are told is the beacon of democracy.

Indeed had the events shown in the shocking footage happened in Moscow, the Media would have saturated our TV screens for days on end all the while lecturing us about the brutality of the ‘’Putin regime’’.

But since it happened in Washington – the media not only remained mum about the true nature of events but on the contrary, deliberately promoted a false narrative.

The political and social situation in the US is already extremely polarised and the new revelations will further inflame what is already a toxic state of affairs.

Trump has now gone on record stating that once elected, he will give an amnesty to what rightly can be termed as political prisoners and furthermore, he will go after his political opponents and prosecute them.

Next year is election year in the US, and with the US’s dismal failure in Ukraine becoming ever more evident along with the trouble in Israel and potentially also in Taiwan coupled with a poorly performing US economy and the chaotic influx of millions of illegal immigrants – the situation can easily spiral out of control.

We live in interesting times.

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