My reply to Dr. Soler. Do you know why the excessive death rate is being kept secret? Why has the local Department of Health not published the statistics?

From a blog reader.

Malta has experienced an excess of deaths since March 2020, and despite this fact, there is still a lack of data to allow insight into the matter. Why have the authorities failed to explain this phenomenon?

I am writing this in recognition of Dr. Jean Karl Soler’s comment on an article published on this site. I want to call out one of the recent most harmful medical interventions. Ironically, Dr. Soler did not blame the vaccine. This confirms that I must have been telling the truth! The Government and its Department of Health do know why! They did, and they continue to keep it secret! They don’t want people to ask questions!

The previous article deliberately made no claims about the statistical significance of the data. When considering excess deaths, one expects there to be both positive and negative outcomes due to persons succumbing sooner or later than estimated.

The trouble with using standard deviation when the data being considered is skewed to the positive outcomes we have been experiencing is that one normalises positive excess deaths when one states that the results were not statistically significant.

This situation is not normal! The prolonged period of excess deaths since March 2020 indicates that there has been a fundamental change in the health of the whole population that cannot be explained directly by the COVID-19 virus. In the 12 months since September 2022, Covid deaths explain only 11% of the excess deaths.  

A new turn has been created. It is called long covid. By this term, it is meant that the symptoms of COVID-19 are destined to continue even after the end of the pandemic. Long Covid cannot be an explanation as to why people suffering long Covid are alive, and so cannot be included in death or excess deaths figures. If people had succumbed to long-term COVID-19, then their deaths would have been attributed to COVID-19 and would be in the ECDC figures.

Any explanation needs to identify actions or events, or both, that impacted the whole population. In the past 3½ years, the activities that meet these criteria of affecting the entire population’s health can all be categorised into two classes, both of which were measures introduced, ironically, for our safety.

The first category is the lockdowns, restrictions, quarantine, suppression and isolation, controls and mandates, rules and regulations, and the devastating economic hardship these measures caused, as well as the mental and emotional pressure applied, including the obsessive narrative of fear, danger and death.

These measures, combined with the neglect or failure to treat existing and newly ill patients, were all actions and events introduced without any sense of proportionality and were all entirely within the control of the Department of Health and the Superintendent of Public Health.

The second measure that had a national-level impact on health was the relentless campaign to vaccinate the nation and the coercion and pressure applied by the removal of inalienable rights of individuals who chose to take responsibility for their health and the health of their families.

For these reasons alone, we need an independent inquiry into the handling of COVID-19, the measures forced on the whole population, and how this was allowed to happen to the detriment of the entire Maltese population!

Relying on the World Health Organisation is no excuse!

8 thoughts on “My reply to Dr. Soler. Do you know why the excessive death rate is being kept secret? Why has the local Department of Health not published the statistics?

  1. Loving that clarity from intelligent members of the public is now coming more to the fore. The medical profession and its integrity of its membership is loosing so much in in tegrity. Myself I have treated a few doctors who also tried to ‘encourage’ me to get the covid shot. They have come to me for vaccine damage and STILL they don’t speak out. The truth ALWAYS wins. Never give up.

  2. Any one relying on the WHO , is being simply naive . It only shows that they are still being brainwshed by the mianstream media propaganda . After the violation of the Nuremberg Code , not much else is really required for all this fake drama to stand out for what is really was . Ivermectin treats c19 yet they banned it, even after all scientists and global doctors recommended it . They were simply silenced and made out to be conspiracy theoriests. Ironically, that is a term invented by the CIA to manipulte us from believing the truth and fall for their safe and effective nrrative, which as we all know was fake too

  3. The fact is many of us suffered from the stupid enforcement of vaccinations even though we were fit. I personally suffered massive cramps lasting for hours on end and on one occasion I was unable to move and in great pain as the leg cramps pain moved also to my chest and I thought I was a gonner! My GP of many years was unable to explain the impacts and I have had to learn to live with it. Before Covid I swam 2Kms every morning and after 2 years lockdown I am overweight and feel tired always. Heads should roll for the lies and expenses we all suffered and compensation not excuses from the government should be made.

  4. This person does well to remain anonymous. Besides the plethora of spelling and grammatical mistakes, the misunderstanding of statistical methods is bordering on tragic. Still the greatest lie is about me, claiming that I did not speak or write about excess deaths, when I did multiple times.

    The problem is that one cannot conclude that excess deaths result from one cause, but must consider the multiple effects of the fear and disgust campaign during COVID, and its impact on mental health, the socioeconomic effects of lockdowns, the effects of school closures, the effects of COVID infection, the effects of delayed medical care and the rare post-vaccination deaths. I already explained multiple times that the excess deaths after vaccination in young adults is 1 per 300,000 vaccinated, so not only have I talked about it, but quantified it numerically, with references.

    The unknown author actually shows how weak this diatribe is by admitting that excess deaths spiked in 2020, before vaccination. As such, in ascribing excess deaths to the vaccine, one must also factor in the 90% reduction in mortality in the months after vaccination. So the vaccine has both benefits and harms, which is a bridge too far for the rabid anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers who claim to be the purveyors of truth.

    Sorry, but you don’t know your donkey from your elbow, so please leave the science to those who read, analyse and teach statistical methods. You are clearly not one of them.

    1. As always you are right. I am still alive and healthy of over 70 years of age by having the first dose as at home 2 were covid positive and I was all the time in contact….What I can say being a strong person with annual blood tests d for the last 25 was my mistake to take the fourth covid booster but thank God now all side effects are over and I am back to full health returning back to work.
      In principle I follow your teachings and thank you for your public articles.

  5. Dr Soler,
    People have the right to smoke BUT they are made aware that smoking can kill. A cardinal breach of Bioethics is that people cannot take informed decisions. Until this day on primetime TVM (approximately at 8 o’clock) we see a promo from the Health Promotion Department encouraging people to take the seasonal flu and the Covid vaccines. People should be told about the risks as well.

    I think that original article by anonymous correspondent contains a couple of mistakes which came to your advantage. We started hearing about the reasonable increase of sudden deaths mainly AFTER 2020 and not during 2020.

  6. My hats off to the person/s who wrote this article.
    It now seems that globally, countless people are talking about the excess deaths we are witnessing and the sudden inexplicable illnesses on the rise amongst the young such as myocarditis, turbo cancers, blood clots etc.
    I always believed we were meant to rely on our medical institutions, but today I have grave misgivings.
    Doctors continually speak of ‘peer reviews’ needed to back up scientific data, yet at other times they choose to ignore this.
    When Pfizer was forced to present their data in court of the thousands of adverse affects resulting from their Covid 19 vaccination trials, very few doctors spoke about this and what should have been groundbreaking news globally, was never reported by the mainstream media.
    Yet the world ‘experts’ continually pushed their dark agenda for everybody to be immunised although it was abundantly clear that these jabs were going to do irreperable damage to every nation, cause countless injuries and kill off thousands of people.
    Today it is indisputable that Pfizer have been absolutely fraudalent because of their lies and subterfuge.
    We know now from the evidence found from a dozen of top international laboratories, that after a few months on the market, Pfizer changed the constituents of their products.
    Pfizer did a complete U- turn and decided vindictively not to just insert mRNA in their vials but also include a lethal cocktail of the minutest particles of SV40 (the Simian Virus).
    This was a COMPLETE breach of ethics and against human rights, yet they inserted the inexplicable presence of plasmid ecoli DNA.
    And those doctors and scientists who choose to defend or remain silent for this heinious act upon humanity, are evil criminals.
    Remaining silent is no longer an option.
    This despical medical tyranny during the 3 year Covid so-called pandemic, has irrevocably damaged the very foundations of this once respected institution which doctors once represented and nobody should trust this institution any longer.
    We do not have faith in you anymore, nor do we trust you.
    The authorities and representatives who were meant to be the custodians of the people, have abandoned and betrayed us.
    So WE the people send a very clear message – we are against all new amendments and new treaties and we refuse to accept these should they ever be made law without our consent.
    The medical institution have dug their own graves and have turned against their sacred hippocratic Oath towards us the people – to do no harm.
    At this point in human history, the majority of you, through your complicity, coercion, negligence and silence, have brought great shame upon this once proud and noble medical establishment!

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