Malta’s excess deaths confirm that it is time for the Maltese Government to introduce Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) for Covid sufferers.

From a blog reader.

The previous article explained the phenomena of excess deaths currently being experienced in Malta where there has been a consistent period of positive results, in fact 41 times in the 42 months since March 2020.

As you would expect, Covid deaths is the first answer offered by most people to explain the situation. However, the graph clearly shows that Covid deaths cannot be the explanation alone.

Over the recent years, everyone will have noticed more sirens, more Emergency Nurse vehicles racing by, more Ambulances on the roads, again all too often with the siren sounding. The data to be aware of this is widely available and was linked in the previous article. It is also a phenomena that has been covered twice in respect of the Covid years in Times of Malta.

In the first article, addressing the excess deaths from 2020 were explained away by Victor Grech, associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, who said that “the excess number of deaths correlated with the rise in COVID-19 cases.” As shown in the graph, according to Eurostat & ECDC data, in the period March 2020 to December 2020 there had been 578 excess deaths and 233 Covid deaths, thus Covid could explain only 40% of the phenom.

Please note, the Annual Mortality Report 2020 prepared by Department of Health Information and Research (DHIR), released on 14th September 2023 (yes, 2 years, 8½ months after the year in question!!) states deaths due to Covid were only 191, thus representing 33% of the excess deaths.

The first article included a comparison of Malta excess deaths versus the EU as a whole. The same comparison can be seen here covering the period January 2020 to July 2023, according to Eurostat.

In the second article, the explanation was the same, “Health sources said the additional deaths clearly reflected the increase in COVID-related spikes.” According to Eurostat & ECDC data, in the year 2021, there were 617 excess deaths and 265 Covid deaths, again Covid could only explain a little over 40%.

Sadly, the Annual Mortality Report 2021 by DHIR is not yet available!

Notably, figures quoted by Eurostat, ECDC & WHO are referenced as ‘reported’ not ‘estimated’.

Why are mortality figures able to be provided to Eurostat, ECDC & WHO but not the Maltese public?

The Malta Statistics Authority exercises a regulatory and supervisory role in the production, compilation and dissemination of official statistics. Surely the Authority should regulate the in-house statistics teams many government departments have to provide assurance regarding the quality and reliability and timeliness of their outputs?

Data drives decisions. Old, inaccurate, or unreliable data drives terrible decisions! This data shows that COVID-19 vaccines are the cause of the rise in the number of deaths in Malta. Many survivors are suffering from collateral damage. Hence, they deserve compensation. It is time for the government to introduce payment schemes for those suffering from physical damages caused by the vaccine. We deserve better!

7 thoughts on “Malta’s excess deaths confirm that it is time for the Maltese Government to introduce Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) for Covid sufferers.

  1. Before one institutes the compensation scheme, appropriate declaration of admittance from those that where and still are in charge with providing appropriate health assistance, and good service to the people that their approach and decisions where errored and mistakenly forced on to people .
    One has to start learn walking before start running.

  2. This reminds me of a famous quote attributed to US President Abraham Lincoln
    “You can fool all people some of the time and some people all of the time. But you can NEVER fool all people all the time.
    It’s now time for truth and reconciliation, I cannot think of anyone who enjoys being lied to and there have been many lies told during the past 45 months. Even if the lies were told through ignorance of the true facts, how can the Maltese government DHIR, still withhold the annual mortality rate for the years 2021 and 2022 from the Maltese population? Time for transparency is now. It’s now a well accepted fact that, world wide, the countries that had the highest uptake of the Gene Therapy Injection, under the Emergency Use Act, also had the highest mortality rates and the highest incidents of “side effects”. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable, that a new cause of death was even reported as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.
    Imagine how much worse, the next promised “pandemic” will be under the auspices of the WHO. If not for you, then for future generations, it is time now to say a resounding NO.

  3. The excess are reported in Euromomo, and need to be interpreted using the standard statistic for a significant excess, that is the standard deviation. I shared the Euromomo graphs so corrected, even in my articles in the Times and on my Facebook page and elsewhere.

    Excess deaths in Malta are difficult to trend, due to the small number effect. However, excess deaths in Europe have definitely, absolutely, shown the usual trend of a spike over winter, due to cold and seasonal respiratory viruses, and mid-summer, due to heat effects.

    You see that exact same trend before 2020, if only you bothered to look.

    There has been some excess death, which does not follow the above trend. Those, like yourself, ascribing it solely to vaccination, and ignoring the massive socio-economic harms of lockdowns, is simply defending the most harmful medical intervention in recent history.

    1. I find your comments very confusing for the following reasons.
      Paragraph 1 – you are again quoting the Euromomo graphs, were you not aware that Euromomo have been discredited as producing, false, bias and misleading statistics?

      Paragraph 2 – excess deaths in Malta are difficult to trend because the all cause mortality figures, whilst being given to the EU, are not being released to the public in Malta, as was previously done up until 2019. We now have the 2020 figures but not the 2021 nor 2022. You say about the usual trend of spike over winter, due to cold and seasonal respiratory viruses and mid summer due to heat effects. However we are not talking about excess deaths spiking in previous years, we are talking about excess deaths over and above the trend in previous years and since the roll out of the gene therapy injection, given under Emergency Use Authorisation. No one is saying that lockdowns didn’t have a contributing factor, especially considering mental health effects.

      Paragraph 3. You say “You see that exact trend before 2020, if you only bothered to look”.
      Well many of us have bothered to look and this includes numerous doctors, statisticians and scientists and there was no trend of excess deaths prior to the gene therapy injection, there was however an almost disappearance of Influenza, replaced by covid being put on death certificates as cause of death with other listings being put as contributing factors. It’s a disgrace that hospital protocols of Ventilation and Remdesivir are now known to have been completely the wrong treatment to have been meted out.

      Paragraph 4. Sorry, I can’t make sense of this. I agree that the social and economic harms of lockdowns were many and caused much loss to many people both financially and mentally and no one would ignore that factor. But you go on to say, that ignoring this factor is simply defending the most harmful medical intervention in recent history. If you mean that medical intervention to be the gene therapy injection, then I agree with you.

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