By Charles Micallef

I want to put the record straight that coming from the field of pharmacy with over 30 years of experience and specialising in Public Health, I was always pro-vaccine. I even vaccinated my pets, which did not end when they were no longer kittens or puppies.

However, what we are seeing these days are not the conventional antigen vaccines that have been tried and tested for several decades. We are dealing with new vaccine technologies.

In this short article, I will focus on the sudden deaths that have escalated since the COVID-19 messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine became widely available from 2021 onwards. A growing list of thousands of children, teens, athletes and celebrities with unexpected deaths and injuries have been correlated to COVID-19 shots.

Sudden death can even be precipitated by the mRNA vaccine that was taken weeks or months earlier. The mRNA vaccine can cause a rapid acceleration of coronary disease, especially in those who may already have undetected mild heart disease. These vaccines can adversely affect the cardiovascular system in more ways than just myocarditis and pericarditis, as widely published.

Researchers have demonstrated a potential route of the spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2 (or Coronavirus as people know it) damaging the heart. The irony for these researchers is that the spike proteins produced in the body from COVID-19 vaccination are considered safe! On the other hand, other researchers are saying that the injected mRNA (or DNA, in the case of the Johnson & Johnson shot) instructs the body’s cells to create millions of copies of the spike protein, and they are admitting that it harms every tissue it comes in contact with. The spike proteins can cause potentially dangerous blood clots.

In other scenarios of sudden deaths, their voluntary muscles go into spasm. People do not die by falling over in that manner. Some researchers claim such lethal muscle spasms could result from the vaccines’ 5G electromagnetic signalling and nanotechnology.

When I saw the first cases reported on video, I thought they were acting. However, when you have professional athletes falling in front of huge crowds who paid money to see them play, I started to realise that these were sudden deaths that we were seeing. It is a known fact that athletes are generally physically super fit, but whilst exercising their body to the threshold levels, their hearts would be working under full stress, and a ‘shock’ from these vaccines can be fatal. So, athletes were more prone to these sudden deaths and more likely to be caught on video cameras.

Although thorough video footage examination of sudden deaths reveals that these are no ordinary sudden deaths, ‘experts’ prefer to call it the ‘sudden death syndrome’. Hence, they failed to link it with the prevalent vaccine intake at that time. People never die like that!

Immaterial of whether you agree or not with the possible mechanism of action and dangers of vaccine spike proteins and nanotechnology, it remains a fact that following the large-scale rollout of the mRNA vaccine, emergency cardiovascular events increased significantly. No one can deny this fact. It is worth reminding people that a cardinal principle in bioethics states: ‘First, do no harm’.

So, for the vast majority, they were actual sudden deaths. However, the next question that comes into one’s mind is: why didn’t all people die after taking the vaccine, especially after the fourth and fifth jabs? There are two outcomes to this question. Not everyone responds to chemicals in the same manner. Some people die from a single bee sting. Others survive a swarm of attacking bees. So, it could be that the toxicity is building up inside your body and would only show up by the fifth or perhaps the sixth dose.

Furthermore, some documents show that Big Pharma was experimenting on humans. Not all batches of the same make of vaccine gave the same adverse effects. In other words, some jabs were purposefully weaker than others to confuse people and invalidate scientific studies and their conclusions.

Open your mind, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Your body – your choice.


  1. Thank you Charles Micallef for sharing your excellent article, observations and very pertinent info.with us.
    This truth is blatantly obvious to those who have eyes to see and are not in abject denial.
    Everybody in Malta and abroad knows of a family member, a friend, a neighbor or a colleague who has either suffered adverse effects through these mRNA jabs or worse.
    The flu vaccines which the pharmaceutical companies are bombarding us with recently, have the same poisonous ingredients in them which are life-threatening.
    So everybody, please be aware of this and do not take the flu shot or any future CoV.jabs.
    We are playing Russian Roulette with our lives if we do.
    Don’t do this !!
    Just say NO !!!

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