The Labour Party gives the cold shoulder to Lara Dimitrijevic because, due to her militancy, the party is losing votes.

Sources near the Labour Party revealed to this site that the Government has finally started to distance itself from Lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic. Dimitrijevic has made many enemies within the Labour Party. The party in Government had listened to Dr Dimitrijevic. It sought to accommodate her radical feminist ideas by introducing laws written by herself to penalise men and decrease their legal rights in both civil and criminal procedures.

This is one of the reasons why the Labour Party is now in a corner. The party felt secure in the past and thought its significant majority was indestructible. Today, this same party cannot risk losing more votes because the Nationalist Party is starting to advance and has already superseded Labour in the surveys. Fingers are now pointing at Lara Dimitrijevic as one of the causes of the fall of Labour in the surveys. Moreover, Lara Dimitrijevic became involved in an internal family feud involving an important Labour family. This continued to endanger her position and status within the Labour Party.

Labour is now acknowledging that Dimitrijevic is too extreme in her positions and the discriminatory laws she pushed against men are backfiring on the Government. The highest number of the victims of these laws are Labour supporters. Male Labour supporters have ended up in prison because of lies told in court by their estranged wife, whose lawyer was Dimitrijevic. Whole Labour families are starting to revenge themselves on the party in Government and threatening not to vote in the next MEPs election after Lara Dimitrijevic used the same laws she enacted to imprison husbands and fathers on very dubious domestic violence accusations and issues related to child maintenance. Even lawyers with pro-labour sympathy are speaking in public against these insane laws.

Internal insiders informed this site that the Labour Party strategists are concerned that the party will continue to lose votes if the Government continues listening to her. Lawyers worth their salt are telling the Government that such laws are unconstitutional and the party should completely stay aloof from Dimitrijevic and her family legal firm of the Sciberras Associates.

There are already visible signs that the Labour Party is giving Lara Dimitrijevic the cold shoulder. This was evident during the Europride celebrations. Lara Dimitrijevic was not included with the elite speakers at the conference held by the Human Rights Directorate at the Phoenicia Hotel. Instead, she was relegated to speak in a fringe event held under a tent outside the Phoenicia Hotel and attended by almost no one except her husband and a few others, one of whom is her mentor and friend.

The Government even had an official Europride page, and a government photographer went to all the events, taking photos which were then uploaded to this Government’s page. Photos were posted daily of all the events. But there was one exception. Lara Dimitrijevic’s talk on abortion was on day eight. There was nothing about this event on the Government’s Facebook Page, not even a single photo. The Government ignored it or ordered that this event should not be covered because nobody turned up.

Still, Dimitrijevic wrote a post on her Facebook Page saying the event was refreshing and inspiring. She cannot stop from praising herself.

The person helping Lara Dimitrijevic to push the abortion agenda in Malta is a research academic at Liverpool University. She is an activist in favour of abortion and has been to Malta helping the Maltese pro-abortion lobby to formulate their strategy and provide them with funds. She was also present for Lara Dimitrijevic’s talk. Her name is Claire Pierson.

Pierson put up a post on Twitter about this event but avoided showing a picture of the audience. She took a photo of the speakers and included Lara’s husband to give the impression that there was an audience, which she then uploaded on her Twitter account. However, to hide this fiasco, she preferred to speak about a refreshing ice cream given to the few who attended, presumably paid from our taxes. If Pierson had shown that the tent was almost empty, this would have proven that her strategy and consultancy were backfiring in Malta.

The photo Pierson took, in which she includes Lara Dimitrijevic’s husband, gives the impression that there was an audience at this conference on abortion when there was none.

The Europride events made Pierson realise that the Europride failed and the Labour Party was in big trouble to the extent that she took the opportunity to advise Lara Dimitrijevic, Andrea Dibben and the other pro-abortion activists to abandon the Labour Party for the coming MEPs elections and focus all their resources on Sandra Gauci and her ADPD Party. This explains why the mainstream media now gives Sandra Gauci space, desperately trying to rescue Dimitrijevic and her associates.

5 thoughts on “The Labour Party gives the cold shoulder to Lara Dimitrijevic because, due to her militancy, the party is losing votes.

  1. The second speaker from the left must be a “pretend” woman. Look at his hairy legs. They look like tree stumps next to the woman’s legs next to him. I don’t know him but he comes across to me as another one of those confused trans on a pastizzi diet.

    1. The second person from the left is Mina Tolu, deputy leader of AD. Because of Mina Tolu’s and AD’s stand in favour of abortion, Arnold Cassola split with AD. In 2019 MEP election, Cassola on his own got more votes than all AD candidates put together.

  2. Labour stopped being a movement the moment it stopped moving in the direction dictated by the liberals. Abela’s U-turn on abortion angered these liberals and so now they are withholding their support for LP for the first time since 2009. Metsola’s stand on abortion in Europe may attract these voters to the PN if she becomes leader.

    1. The liberal agenda derailed both Labour and the PN, until finally 20,000 strong Maltese marched into Valletta and said “Enough is enough.”

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