The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the introduction of the CA+ (also known as the Pandemic Treaty) threaten the sovereignty of the Maltese people.

Il Vuci Hielsa / Voice of Freedom‘ sent letters to MPs expressing serious concerns regarding the ongoing discussions about the proposed impending amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the introduction of the CA+ (also known as the Pandemic Treaty) calling on the government to reject these proposals.  

The following are some of the points that were highlighted:

• With these amendments, the people of Malta, the government, and its institutions will be forced to submit to the WHO, an unelected and unaccountable institution, which is not liable for its conduct and/or misconduct.

• 84% of the WHO’s funding from ‘philanthropic’ foundations is from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These global players use their tremendous geo-political and financial interests to influence the activities and decisions of WHO, which typically do not align with the interests and well-being of our nation.

• In the (largely secretive) negotiations of the World Health Assembly (WHA – the decision-making body of the WHO), no national or international public comment is ever sought. 

• Any amendments adopted by WHA will not require parliamentary scrutiny or voting; however, they are legally binding, and we, the public, will be at their total mercy.

• At the WHA meeting of May 2022, the timeframe within which member states could reject future amendments was significantly reduced to purposely impede the normal democratic process and increase the chances of dangerous and undesirable modifications slipping through, unnoticed by the public and politicians, until it is too late.

• All member states now have until November 2023 to reject FIVE Amendments, which will impact us negatively.  To reject an amendment, our government must actively invoke Article 61 of the existing International Health Regulations before the deadline expires.

• Inaction by our government by this deadline is all that is required for these amendments to become binding under international law.

• Many of the proposed IHR amendments upgrade the status of the WHO, from ‘advisory’ to binding, and there is even a proposed amendment to remove the requirement for the WHO to uphold ‘full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals.’ If this proposed amendment makes it to WHA77 for consideration in May 2024, it would be of significant concern or worse.

• Further amendments threaten free speech and seek to increase censorship of differing opinions, potentially transforming our nation into a totalitarian-like state.

• At the 3rd Covid-19 International Summit, the following was highlighted: the mismanagement of the previous pandemic by the WHO, in particular the devastating effects of the measures that the WHO strongly recommended for our country: the lockdowns; the forced isolation of our elderly; the psychological damage suffered by adults and children alike; the loss of income; closure of businesses; restriction of movement and freedoms; the impacts upon our economy and the well-being of us all. And the WHO would repeat this nightmare, this time by diktat, if we allow these amendments to pass.

In the letter, MPs were asked what stance they intend to take in the face of such a threat to our country’s sovereignty and its citizens, should these amendments be imposed upon us.

So far, except for the two letters of acknowledgment from the President and Prime Minister, none of the MPs have replied or acknowledged the email.

Suppose the Maltese Parliament ratifies these amendments to the IHR or approves the new CA+ (pandemic treaty). In that case, this power grab by the WHO will override our Constitution, remove our Parliament’s power concerning these vital aspects, and consequently remove fundamental rights and freedoms. Without the people’s informed consent, this decision becomes an act of treason against the Maltese Nation.

13 thoughts on “The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the introduction of the CA+ (also known as the Pandemic Treaty) threaten the sovereignty of the Maltese people.

  1. Another example where the people are treated like morons and where the despotic mindset of those running the EU institutions is getting the upper hand.
    Are our government and opposition going to maintain their subservient attitude to the EU institutions? The government is being paid off with billions of Euros. The opposition is still using the EU to further fight its battles against Maltese citizens.

  2. Government of Malta is hijacked by the foreign corporative industrial complex . The Labour hasn’t done anything for National Security of the Country ,nor in securing appropriate health maintenance and appropriate care . The oath of office was not accomplished, the service that supposed to be given to people was only enhanced in that area where the government had its own interest . The Health department played their gimmicks as if they where Gods , colluding with the foreign evil organization like ECDC, WHO, WEF, which are private subsidized by a gathering of psychopaths . Therefore Malta has a minister of health and a superintendent who broke his oath of practicing medicines “ Do No Harm”.
    Malta has a Prime Minister who’s not capable to give pride to the Country .
    And the opposition ( Nationalist Party )didn’t interfere, nor intervene to save neither their own people that put their trust in them , not even seeing the biggest picture that there was no one else in the opposition ti stop this madness.
    In short terms the Nationalist Party didn’t have people to see beyond the curtain of lies .
    As of European Comunity , we have already the President Ursula that is compromised and corrupted to the extreme . And at the level of the parliamentarians Malta failed to represent its own people . Only few Parliamentarians in the EU had done their Job , some are Cristian Terhes , Christine Anderson and others . Yet extremely few .
    However the WHO is lead by Tedros who committed genocide in Ethiopia, and tbe organization is in the pocket of Bill Gates , a criminal philanthropist, who’s actually a eugenics descendent , therefore another psychopath.
    However Malta should be insanely mad to stay in any deals with the WHO.
    Who ever from the government has the audacity to even think that they can chose in stead of the people’s choice , is nothing else then a criminal .
    The issue in Malta as in many places on tbe earth is that people are afraid to speak the truth , people are not educated appropriate to question , and stand for their own life’s .
    People are fooled and bribed with peanuts as during the Election when the Prime Minister broke the Electoral rules when he announced with few days before the elections started that the “Checks are coming “.
    People in Malta are so manipulated and brain washed that they sold themselves for 100 or 200 euros , and ran like the sheep to take an experimental , unapproved with unspecified composition injection .
    Poor Malta .

  3. Surrendering sovereignty to a foreign unelected body undermines Malta’s ability to make decisions that align with its unique cultural, social, and economic needs, as policies may be dictated by individuals who do not have a deep understanding of the local context. If the WHO were to decide that access to abortions should be everywhere, we would see the introduction of abortion imposed on us from outside. Putting the WHO in control erodes our government’s accountability. As we saw during COVID, it can also result in economic challenges, as policies imposed by the foreign body may not prioritize our economic interests, potentially causing harm to our industries and job market. As the Maltese increasingly lose trust in the EU, ceding sovereignty to WHO will lead to further tension and mistrust The WHO has no legitimacy to override our constitution and laws. What’s at stake are the fundamental principles of democratic governance. Metsola should use her platform in the EU to fight this tooth and nail. So should the two political parties in Malta.

    1. We have realised since Covid that neither Metsola nor any other political colour have any interest to go against whatever WHO dictates . So sdly other solutions and actions , in my humble opinion need to be organised .

  4. Governments (especially the current one) will only lick 👅 the ass ( not erotically) to accommodate their reign of power and rain of 💷 cash in their pockets.

  5. In a worse case scenario the WHO has to be taken to task. The solution to all this authoritarianism is to NOT COMPLY.
    I wish that someone can enlighten me on this issue, but , I ask, what power does the WHO actually have to enforce ? Does it gave to sequester our police force, or our army ? Are we to overestimate the powers of the WHO if we stand up to it ?
    I am 70 years old, unvaccinated, and never a trace of covid, yet I am willing to take to the streets, to show my disapproval to these neo Marxist shenanigans.

  6. This is can become an act of high treason against the Maltese from the part of the authorities. There is the issue of informed consent involved. Also it is illegal and unacceptable in a pure democracy. It is time for citizens to take their rights back and get rid of these communist diktats.

  7. How we the common people, the man in the street be aware of the subtile war emerging against our freedoms by the unelected elites of Wef, Who and Uno drive the our elected parlamentarians as their pappeteers. We should stand up before its late to collect petition signatures against this tyranny

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