Trump’s stars continue to align

By Romegas

Mitt Romney, one of the main anti-Trumpists in the Republican Party, is leaving the Senate once his term ends. Romney is known for losing his presidential election miserably to Obama, and then for actively opposing Trump’s campaign. Yet when Trump won the election, Romney immediately ran to ask him to become secretary of state.

In essence, Romney embodies all the shortcomings of old-school Republicans – an out-of-touch financier who made his fortune by bankrupting troubled firms and moving manufacturing out of the USA. He’s also an ardent neocon hawk – whose absence will further weaken the war party’s position in the Senate.

Allies of Trump from the wave of the new American right are ready to replace Romney as a senator from Utah..  with the favorite being Tim Ballard, a crusader against pedophiles and the hero of the acclaimed film “The Sound of Freedom.” 

Romney cited the dysfunction of the political system and the division in the country as the reason for his resignation. Although it was precisely because of the actions of people like him that America found itself in a permanent crisis.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire has officially abandoned the idea of ​​obstructing Trump from participating in the election. Now Democratic Party lawyers are desperately trying to remove Trump from the Michigan election, accusing him of organizing an “insurrection” that stormed the Capitol. But so far, not a single state wants to create an unconstitutional precedent by excluding Trump from the presidential race .

And Robert Kennedy, nephew of former president John F. Kennedy and Biden’s Democratic Party opponent in the primaries, hinted that he has not ruled out the opportunity to run for office as an independent candidate.  If this were to happen, it would spell further trouble for Biden, tearing part of the electorate away from him (RFK Jnr consistently polls over 20% among the preferences of Democrat voters). This would be an ideal scenario for Trump, who will consolidate all the right around him, while the left risks splitting between three candidates at once.

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