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In a scandal of epic proportions, Dr. Silvio Grixti, a Member of Parliament (until recently) and a physician by profession, has been implicated in a criminal scheme that exploits vulnerable citizens and tarnishes the integrity of medical and political establishments. The revelations in the fraudulent certification of patients as epilepsy sufferers for political gain demonstrate that the Mafia runs our government. The mainstream media presented Dr. Grixti as the mastermind behind this nefarious quid pro quo operation. In truth, the head of the octopus is somewhere else. The head of this corruption should be searched in Castile, not in Żejtun.

There should be no doubt that Grixti genuinely wanted to help patients and his party. The more I think about this scandal, the more I am convinced he is another victim of this giant web of corruption. Politicians from both sides of the political fence have led patients into a web of deceit, as they were promised monthly welfare benefits of €450 in exchange for their votes. However, this wasn’t a simple case of buying votes.

Now, Dr. Grixti is risking losing his physician’

license. Those in power who had used his medical services are leaving him alone. The fact remains that politicians manipulated the system by asking Grixti to falsely certify patients as epilepsy sufferers through fraudulent certificates bearing the fake signatures of medical specialists. Epilepsy patients received €450 monthly in welfare benefits.
Thanks to this sinister scheme, the Minister of Health should have registered an “epilepsy pandemic” in Malta. Like the previous COVID pandemic, this was another pandemic built upon deception and political corruption. The audacity of this scheme was only matched by the apathy of the medical and political authorities who ignored this criminal activity and the spike in epilepsy numbers, all while focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The repercussions of this scandal reached everywhere, affecting the very fabric of Maltese society. Citizens, desperately seeking to make ends meet, fell prey to the government’s manipulative tactics, ranging from customer care in Castille to prominent politicians on both sides of the political fence. Some patients believed they were accessing much-needed financial support, only to be drawn into a criminal web that would ultimately harm many.

Inexplicably, despite overwhelming evidence of the involvement of politicians in this conspiracy, the police chose to target only the patients, hauling them into court and exerting pressure to return their ill-begotten gains. It is an astonishing injustice that leaves many questioning the impartiality and integrity of the authorities involved.

Conspiracy can be described as an arrangement made by at least two individuals to engage in unlawful activities. In Malta, the legal concept of criminal conspiracy is defined in Article 48A of the Criminal Code. While the definition is brief, case law has firmly established that the essential components of the crime of conspiracy encompass an agreement involving two or more individuals, a shared intent, and an agreed-upon action plan. These elements are fundamental prerequisites for the offense of conspiracy to exist. Nonetheless, the police are proceeding against the patients as if only they had participated in the crime. The police are protecting the political big shots by ignoring Article 48A and the politicians’ role in triggering it.

The fact that the fat cats have evaded accountability in this sordid affair raises serious concerns about corruption within the institutions entrusted with upholding the law. By failing to bring the politicians to justice, the authorities have allowed this scam’s perpetrators to remain unpunished.

What Malta needs now is transparency, accountability, and justice. The media presented Dr. Silvio Grixti as a disgraceful medical doctor whose actions cast a shadow on the nation’s reputation and undermined the trust citizens should have in their elected officials and healthcare providers. His political career is now over. But the media should make sure that Dr. Grixti is not turned into the sacrificial lamb.

It is high time for those truly responsible for this scandal to be held accountable for their actions.

Silvio Grixti

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