The attack against Silvio Griscti originated from the Labour Party: Jason Azzopardi defends Silvio Grixti and splits the Rule of Law group.

Jacob Borg and Mark Lawrence Zammit of the Sunday Times gave us a story linked to Silvio Grixti. Grixti is being accused of dishing out political favours because, according to what is being reported, he helped individuals receive disability social benefits to which they were not entitled.

I would not comment on these cases even though I think the media persecution against Silvio Griscti originates from the Labour Party. What has been carried in The Sunday Times has been going on for a long time under different administrations. But I genuinely think that Silvio Griscti is genuine, and he was motivated more by political zeal versus the underdog and his love for the Labour Party rather than doing what he did to earn money.

Indeed, I know of cases where mothers and fathers went to Griscti because their children were disabled and never charged a penny for these children’s visits.

But there is another purpose for this blog. Suddenly, we saw a split in the Liberal and Rule of Law stronghold. They took to protesting loudly against Griscti. But then their lawyer, Jason Azzopardi, went public to defend Griscti. Azzopardi is losing his cool because those adhering to the Rule of Law Group and the Liberals are attacking Silvio Griscti.

While the case of Griscti is far more political than a criminal one, the truth is that there is friendship between Jason Azzopardi and Silvio Griscti. Thus, the attack petered out. Instead of mentioning individuals and secretaries, Jason Azzopardi had better tell the whole truth that this is an attack against Griscti from his friend Robert Abela. Two years ago, Griscti had been forced to resign so that Robert Abela could continue to bring his men into parliament.
There was more compatibility within the Liberal group when these attacks were against other persons in the Labour Party. However, older strategies are not going to work today. Hence, the Nationalist Party must be careful not to allow itself to be led by Jacob Borg’s and his cronies’ agendas.

It has to be remembered that Silvio Griscti spent a significant part of his younger years in Paola, which is the same locality from where Jason Azzopardi hails,

We can now understand why whatever the Nationalist Party touches is destined to fail. All the causes it decides to champion are bad or controlled by internal agendas emerging from within the said Labour Party itself.

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