Good governance and diplomacy only work when the middle class is in majority with major systems under control

By Charles Micallef

The poor, the small, and what’s left of the genuine middle-class cannot remain being squeezed by others making easy money upon them.

When a county is hijacked by corrupt people, only radical measures work. Unfortunately, a gangrene that has chronically spread to various sectors of our society only has three outcomes if we (the honest and genuine people) wish to see some hope again, at least for the future generations.

  1. Either wait for some natural disaster to sweep out everything and then we have to start from scratch. But the calamity has to be bigger than the last Pandemic from which we learnt no lessons. Imagine Malta rising from the debris after World War 2…
  2. Wait passively until the poor and the small unite and rebel and there would be bloodshed unfortunately. I am not wishing for a revolution but the poor and the small cannot remain compressed with the burdens that this ‘economy based on flooding Malta with people’ is bringing. The hardships they have to endure every day, seeing others fattening their pockets and squeezing them to exhaustion will eventually burst into a mass, noisy and turbulent outcry. The miserable people will no longer listen to the ‘rhetoric of we need foreigners’ and it would be survival of the fittest…. May we never have to arrive at this desperate stage!
  3. Give chance to an aspiring radical party that is able to say:

NO to the WHO treaty.

NO to human importation or influx (with rare exceptions, perhaps)

NO to unnecessary construction.

Some prospective political parties offer hope in the future wellbeing of our health, and in controlling human importation, limit the permits of work and if need be, initiate deportations too and in halting unnecessary construction. However, the medicine is bitter at first. Obviously this party would not be able to please everybody.

There was a time when the ‘we need foreigners’ rhetoric’ was somewhat valid. We used to argue for example: if foreign workers are deported, how would we find carers to take care of our loved ones? If foreigners are deported, how would we find waiters to serve us in restaurants? If foreign workers are deported, how would hotels be run? If foreign workers are deported, how would certain construction projects continue? And so on and so forth. So, we kept on with this ideology that we need foreigners all the time and recruitment agencies kept pressing more foreigners until now we are oversaturated and systems are failing. We are seeing traffic congestion nearly all the time, frequent power supply cuts, pollution galore, waste all over the streets and mice, crimes rocketing up, open spaces eaten away, contagious diseases like never before, and the list continues.

Mega developers and entrepreneurs may have to explore offshore opportunities like in Libya or other countries that need to come back on their feet. I’m sorry – their reign would be over! Other developers would concentrate on local jobs and concrete repairs which will surely give them lifetime work guarantee. And gradually those once-upon-a-time common citizens who were lately earning relatively easy money from the construction and renting industry would have to return to fill back their abandoned jobs as genuine middle-class citizens once again, be it in nursing, education, bus driving, carpentry, etc. As renting drops, housing would eventually become affordable and Maltese couples would be able to start making babies instead of raising dogs!

This politics is radical and quite revolutionary but it would not be as turbulent as when the poor continue to remain squeezed and eventually would have to revolt.

In any case, the poor and what’s remaining of the genuine middle class cannot remain squeezed because the well-off people want to keep them under control.

2 thoughts on “Good governance and diplomacy only work when the middle class is in majority with major systems under control

  1. Yes I use the term “genuine middle-class” because nowadays many people claim to be in the middle-class bracket but in reality as Joseph Muscat says, they are “sinjuri zaghar”. This means they are no longer middle-class citizens, hence the reason why they don’t want to do certain jobs. This economy of importing workers from abroad has made most people earn easy money and is eating away the middle class leaving a gap between poor and rich. A healthy working society needs to have the majority of its citizens in the genuine middle-class.

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