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I don’t understand what is going on in our midst. I see idiots falling over themselves about some Israeli singer because she supports her democratically elected government. They want her out of Malta while retaining the Maltese’s right to visit the Holy Land. In the history of the world, no democratically elected government has ever gone to war against another democratically elected government. Nothing could bring peace in the Middle East unless the Palestinians and sheiks opt for democratic elections. Democratic governments don’t go to war against each other. Instead of engaging in mature hospitality, the gays’ cancel culture is now seeking Netta’s scalp. Hatred always turns on its own at some point.


It also puzzles me that the Maltese government voted that €90 million last year to improve the supply of electricity. Instead of improvement, we saw the electricity cables melting like buttet this summer. At the same time, in the Middle East, cables stayed intact under longer and more intense heat. Now the government is promising an extra €30 million for next year as if it will be effective. At the promise, the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) and its social partners came out from the meeting in Castille singing the kumbaya. Our political and business leaders are taking us down the path of idiocrasy.They mistake our polite silence for acquiescence and gullibility.

There are two overly used phrases in Robert Abela’s jargon. One is “climate change.” Why did the electricity supply fall apart? “Climate change.” The labour government, he cautions, plans for the long term. If so, it foresaw climate change but failed to act.

In the annual report for 2022, the Water Services Corporation’s (WSC) Karl Cilia, the CEO, also blamed “climate change.” How does climate change account for his corporation’s setbacks? He didn’t say. We didn’t see water mains bursting like scorchinggeysers with hissing spray. We didn’t see the water pipes connecting the villages melting under the intense heat. So how does he account for so much water wastage? It turns out there is another culprit and this time it’s for real. It’s the “aging infrastructure,” he said. Many years ago, when Labour got elected, it should have revamped the infrastructure for the long term. Instead, it used band aids to patch the aging system. As a result, the system keeps breaking down. Widespread water theft and leakages have transformed our water monopolist into a beggar holding out its leaking hat to HSBC and the public for loans and bonds respectively.

Water Loss

The other overly used item in Robert Abela’s replies is the word “serene.” Last March, he lamented that the Nationalists were ruining the country’s serenity. A Malta Independent editorial replied with 13 reasons why there is no serenity under Labour. Four years earlier he said that the country had two leaders to select from, Joseph Muscat a “serene politician,” and a certain Delia. After the police searched Joseph Muscat’s home, Abela appealed to Labour supporters to remain serene. What could he have said instead? “The guy is a crook and money launderer”? In his New Year’s Eve message for 2023, Abela proclaimed that his government’s primary objective was serenity. It was like the government addressing itself, “Kun pastizz.” Serene is what you say when you are helpless and can do nothing about it. “Sir, I think your house is burning.” The reply: “I’m serene about it.”

The hope that Maltese wages will catch up with those of advanced EU countries have been shot dead with the arrival of Clyde Caruana’s third world labour imports model. Our hospitals are full of foreign nurses, lacking basic language skills. Qualified Maltese nurses are pursuing higher salaries in the UK. A more reasonable solution to the nursing shortage would have involved the government properly remunerating Maltese nurses for their care of bed ridden Maltese individuals, rather than resorting to the use of low-cost foreign labour as a replacement.The same goes for so many other jobs. On the current trajectory, Malta will be predominantly a third world country. Labour voters will constitute about 20% of the population. And that’s without Labour losing a single percentage against the Nationalists at the polling booth.

Clyde Caruana

Each Maltese person is increasingly isolated under the new model. Defeat follows isolation. Go to a funeral where the deceased retiree may have given an entire life for the community. Next to nobody shows up beyond some family members. The pillars of the community disappear in isolation because their community is being eviscerated, replaced by strangers with no roots or cultural affinity. Yesterday it was “tagħna lkoll.” Tomorrow it will be “tagħom ilkoll.” Mark my words. It’s what countless native Americans, Canadians and Australians discovered when it was too late, facing hordes of displaced Maltese. This time, you could be on the wrong side of history.

New Residence Permits


    You invaded the lands of the Palestinians, israel is nothing but a fake
    terrorist state, there is nothing holy, the only holy thing about Palestine
    is the blood of the genocide of the Palestinian people, you know what
    your people did and still do in Africa. The Palestinian have a right to
    defend themselves and fight to send back where you came from, Europe,
    America and all the countries who threw you out for your bad behaviour.

    1. Telling Netta to go back to her original roots, Europe, is like telling 85% of the Maltese to go back to Sicily where they originated from. What the Middle East and Palestine need is democratic governments that will address the will of their own people. Why are the anti-semites like Natius so quiet about this?

      1. Still playing the antisemitic victim card ! Palestinians have the
        right to fight to take back their land from the invader backed
        by the British, French and USA. And who do you think you are to
        stop people saying the truth and uncovering the attrocities and
        genocide committed by israel not only in Palestine, but all over

        1. Natius, I have never stopped people from saying lies. Much less have I stopped anyone from saying the truth. You are creating a fictitious strawman and then you whack him in line with your prejudice. All I have said is that (i) an Israeli citizen has the right to support her government, and (ii) democratic governments are the best way to have permanent peace in the Middle East and elsewhere.

  2. United Nations:
    125 resolutions against compared to 55 other countries.
    55 condemnations.
    They were driven out of over 120 countries for their bad
    This fake terrorist state survives only by US vetos and by
    by the support of other genocidal states Britain, France and
    other European countries.
    And you call this a democratic state LOL !

    1. Natius (aka Will H. Again) blurs the line between opinion and authority within the realm of international law. It’s important to clarify that international law is not a geopolitical reality show. Stop treating Israel as if it were a participant in a popularity contest. A historical point of reference is the 1975 U.N. resolution, which declared the concept of a Jewish state as unlawful. It’s worth noting that the definitive interpretation of international law rests solely with duly authorized entities. The U.N. Charter does not grant the U.N. the role of ultimate arbiter in international law. Natius fails to address the core arguments concerning the legality of settlements and instead perpetuates a circular pattern of citation. In essence, it’s a situation where each reference relies on another, akin to an endless regression. It was the Maltese who invited Netta and she duly obliged. The contract drawn between the two sides is legally valid. It has legal ramifications. What Natius/Will H. Again is engaging in is a tortious interference of contract. He is doing so at his own risk.

  3. Let Netta sing. She’s not a representative of the Israeli Government.

    We’ll then see what those protesting against her do when she starts singing.

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