The bright LGBTQ future that JPO and the PL want for Maltese children

By Intrepidus

A few weeks ago, many people, especially parents, expressed their concerns because primary school children from a summer school were taken to Valletta to watch drag shows forming part of Euro Gay Pride. According to the organizers, ministers, and many others, the ultimate aim of this outing was to educate children so that from their tender years, they might feel comfortable selecting whatever gender from the LGBTQIA++ umbrella they might wish when they come of age.

“What’s wrong with this? Children are taken to ballet shows and all sorts of cultural and religious activities, why not to drag shows? This is a celebration of love, and there was no hate speech during this activity”. There are a number of arguments in defence of this activity.

Many parents, even those of a liberal bent and even those who support gay rights, were shocked. Several straight allies seem to feel that the gay lobby is becoming increasingly aggressive, seeking to push their agenda in all areas of social life. There seems to be a fear that this push may unduly influence young children before they are old enough to know their own minds. They are also worried because it is a well-known fact that pederasts (paedophiles) are rebranding themselves as MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons) in an effort to gain acceptance in the broader LGBT community. This idea is also being taught at the Faculty of Social Well-Being, whose Dean is Andrew Azzopardi.

Nonetheless, much of the criticism of this event had to die down. Many were afraid of the possible repercussions for anyone criticising this event. On the other hand, defenders of this activity were more articulate, including Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Daniel Micallef, current deputy leader for Labour Party affairs.

Daniel Micallef’s argument ran something along these lines to set the concerns of parents at rest. He wrote that from experience, showing children a white lie out of protection is in itself harmless. But he implied that we need to change and get accustomed to educating children from a tender age, I’m assuming in schools so that children acquire the liberal perspective of tolerance to sexual diversity. If this education is not forthcoming, children might suffer great harm, including the risk of suicide. Basically, the ex-President of the Labour Party is deploying one of the slogans of the last election, “Futur Sabiħ għat-tfal” to imply that it is essential for the mental health of children that they embrace sexual diversity.

The conclusion of his comment was: “We have made great strides forward, but when we think we have achieved what was necessary, we quickly learn that there is much still to be achieved. We might disagree today, but I believe we shall eventually agree”. This is quite a startling statement as he implies that there is much still to come and that we, in North Korean style, will all be obliged to bow our heads to the ideology of the age. Mr. Micallef is not only shrugging off all concerns but subtly implying that in the future, all parents will have to accept these ideas.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Pullicino Orland used Jesus Christ to defend this drag show. JPO mocked a critic who said he encountered Christ because, according to this dentist, there is so much woe in the world that Christ would not waste his time meeting this false convert. Moreover, JPO assumed the mantle of a theologian to point out that Jesus Christ had never spoken out against homosexuality.

In the first place, this is a half-truth, which can be worse than a lie. Christ may not have spoken about homosexuality clearly, but the Apostle Paul was very clear in condemning sexual relations between anyone other than a man and a woman. (1 Cor 6, 9-11, Rom 1, 25-28). Doesn’t JPO know that St Paul had a personal encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus and that Christ had appointed his apostles to speak in his name? This means that St Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality bears the weight of Divine inspiration and is, therefore, the Word of God as well as the word of man. Moreover, who told JPO that Jesus Christ did not condemn homosexuality? Jesus said, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery” (Mat 5, 28). If this warning applies to straight men, why not to gays too? The Drachma crowd (Drachma is a Maltese gay “Catholics “association patronised by archbishop Scicluna) would object by arguing that stable long-term monogamous LGBT relationships are possible. Hardly but Christ also said that “It is from the heart that evil thoughts, blasphemy, malice, deceit, and sexual immorality arise” (Mat 5, 19), and this also applies to homosexuality because, in the time of Christ and Paul, homosexuality was also considered nothing more than sexual immorality.

What about Christ’s extraordinary insult to Herod Antipas when he called him a bitch? He said he was a female fox (Luke 13, 32) which is a double insult for Jews who considered dogs unclean. Although there is no consensus, many Bible scholars think that Christ was calling him out as a bisexual because Herod was renowned for this tendency. Franco Zeffirelli, Mel Gibson, and others were right to depict Antipas as a debauched bisexual because of Luke 13,32.

Finally, Jesus said it would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around the neck than cause children to sin. (Luke 17, 2). Parents know this; as I said above, many know that paedophiles are lobbying to be included in the LGBT Pantheon. JPO is clear in his support for these drag shows, but he cannot draw on the support of Jesus Christ for this position on this matter. The support he will probably get is from the bishops who support queer theology and (deceitfully) pin it on Pope Francis or the Synod on Synodality.

One final note, many Scandinavian countries that have hitherto subsidised gender transition surgery for teenagers have abruptly stopped these surgeries as there is a significant rise in negative consequences of these operations. Moreover, Scandinavian authorities have noted that many parents are suing the state for damage suffered by their children due to these surgeries. Many are now accusing the state of robbing them of their youth.

Is this the future that awaits Malta? Will Maltese parents hunt down the authorities for destroying their kids’ lives and ask for magisterial inquiries? Or will they believe Daniel Micallef and stoically accept that their sons and daughters committed suicide because they were not LGBT affirmative in their education? My gut feeling is that, once again, nature will NOT forgive The maternal and paternal instincts will prevail over nonsense.

3 thoughts on “The bright LGBTQ future that JPO and the PL want for Maltese children

  1. Top notch article. It’s disgusting what the extreme elements in the Maltese gay community are doing to undermine the upraising of our children. This is nothing but sex conversion therapy through drama, to drag our innocent children into the pits of hell. Shame on Micallef and Pullicino Orlando and the groomers they are protecting.

  2. San Pawl tghidx kemm kiteb li mara ghanda tkun dejjem suggetta ghal dak li jghid ir-ragel u toqghod ghal lu jghid hu.

    1. Kap tal familja hu ragel. Imma ibqa cert li omm hi ifferocjata aktar lejn it tfal u jekk operazzjoni ta sex change tmur ħażin w it tifel jagħmel suwiċidju, bħal omm Jean Paul Sofia jibdew ifittxu lill gvern għad danni

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