Images of Real War – the Disastrous Ukrainian ‘’Counter-Offensive’’

By Romegas

It has been quite a while since I last commented on the war in Ukraine. Despite having written repeatedly and at length on the reasons why not only Ukraine and NATO have no hope in hell of defeating Russia either militarily or economically, and that it was gross incompetence tantamount to a crime that our supposed leaders thought otherwise, there came a point where I decided that I would stop commenting on the subject because evidently, the public in its vast majority, marinated as it was in nothing but propaganda, was not ready to contemplate anything other than a Russian defeat and anyone who stated otherwise must be a Putin Bot.

I had stated unequivocally – that Russia would not only win this war, but it would do so emphatically – by not only disarming Ukraine but the entirety of NATO.

I had stated that the Western elite is utterly incompetent, that they have no understanding of modern warfare – and no understanding of Russia, its culture, and its latent capabilities both military and economic.  

I could have kept on writing on the subject, but I eventually learned that only harsh reality would finally if ever bring people to their senses. Well that reality is finally beginning to percolate in the dim minds of those who believed otherwise. Suddenly we are seeing a spate of articles in the Western press that the so-called Ukrainian counter-offensive – armed, trained and planned by NATO never got going and despite the brave face and wishful thinking (hope dies last) by those most desperate, the Ukrainian Forces and their Western wonder weapons are being annihilated on a scale that can be only be described as industrial.

The videos below that bear witness to this catastrophic disaster are just a minute fraction of what you can watch if you knew how and where to look for truth. I do not bring them to your attention because I want to glorify war – for war is a tragedy, and this war is particularly tragic given that many Ukrainians and Russians have relatives and even direct family members on the other side. I bring them to your attention so that maybe some of you will come to your senses and petition your government to seek a just end to this war which can only be brought about when the concept of collective security once again takes hold in our strategic thinking, a notion that was dismissed arrogantly by the Western powers when Russia sought to settle the matter peacefully.

This war was avoidable – if our leaders were remotely competent – our leaders should HAVE KNOWN that Russia would have never accepted Ukraine to be part of NATO , our leaders should HAVE KNOWN that the constant expansion of NATO would have left Russia with no option but to solve this problem militarily – why a problem you may ask – well apart from the active persecution of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, Russia was invaded three times through Ukraine in its history with the last being in WWII where it lost over 25,000 towns and villages and over 29,000,000 dead. The fact is that Russia never invaded the West, from the Polish Commonwealth, to Napolean and Hitler it was ALWAYS the other way around. The Russians don’t need us – they literally have everything they need – all they want, given the past invasions, is a buffer zone between them and us that can give them security. Unlike several other nations – Russia does not have geographical boundaries to protect it (the USA for example has two vast oceans) – it only has its force of arms.

Another reason I bring these videos to your attention is because your media, which is there supposedly there to inform you, simply will not – not only will it not report what is truly happening on the Ukrainian front – but on the contrary will wilfully do the exact opposite.

A big problem in the information war surrounding the REAL war, is the inability of the Western public to understand Russian, a handicap that hinders them from seeking what the other side is reporting and leaving them totally at the mercy of those who want to continue to manipulate them for their own ends.

Please keep in mind that in every burning hulk that you are about to see –These are strictly 18+ there are real people dying, people with mothers, wives and daughters – people who are dying simply because we choose to continue sacrificing them in a war that they cannot win just because we still think, much to our eternal shame – that somehow ”we” will win this war – if only we could send the next wonder weapon, if only we could send more money.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have already lost about 300,000 killed in action – they have been through nine waves of mobilization – even the handicapped and the mentally ill are no longer exempt from front line service. In the past month alone since the ”counter-offensive” began they lost at least 36,000 men (and given the rule of thumb is three wounded to every dead person around 100K wounded) and hundreds of armoured vehicles without ever coming close to the first of multiple Russian defence lines. It is simply slaughter and very hard to watch let alone understand.

As I said many a time – and I don’t care what you believe – if we persist in supporting Ukraine in its futile suicide – not only will they lose this war – but so shall ”we” – we that through our funds keep it going – but mark my words, bookmark this page for future reference, because I am telling you this disaster will also lead to the inevitable dissolution of the EU and NATO much sooner than anyone thought.

It’s no longer a war – it’s a massacre. Put an end to it before the Russians do.

5 thoughts on “Images of Real War – the Disastrous Ukrainian ‘’Counter-Offensive’’

  1. Well you were right that most of us dont read or understand russian. At least i dont!

    You were also right that most of us dont know where to look to learn what is really happening in the ukranian crises. Well, at least, i dont!

    I had been wondering why you had stopped writing here, which was to me, a different and alternative source of info to the West’s mainstream media’s narrative. I had mistakenly misinterpreted this….thinking that the much talked about counter offensive was reaping results for Ukraine.

    I sincerely hope you will take the time to update us on whats being said on the other side…..then its up to the readers to come to their own conclusions.

    I must also admit my ignorance of historical facts predating Russia’s military action, and the build up to it, which is all so relevant. Providing the context is key….and most of us are oblivious to this.

    Whilst i can declare myself guilty for not having researched enough, i have to express my utter disgust at the political class in the West that is pushing the line for more war!

    Von der leyen, and the closer to home Metsola, have a lot to answer! They cannot hide under the pretext of “not having researched enough”. And bloggers like the bitter mark camilleri should also be outed for their hypocrisy, and for advocating for an all out war….!

  2. Prosit Simon Mercieca. Good article giving us information that whoever has some common sense would have noted. No other media reported such information.
    The Ukraine war murdering thousands of persons and making thousands of Ukraine homeless is just making millions of moneys to the chosen few…the last I read EU donated to this war business some enormous amount of billions euros… with Metsola visiting twice zelenski.

  3. Is it true that Robert Metsola is going to lead the EU parlamentary representatives on the front to win the war against Russia ?

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