Exclusive: The magisterial inquiry report blames architect Adriana Zammit

This site can reveal that the magisterial inquiry report has basically blamed the architect responsible for the building that collapsed in Kordin. The architect made a hell of a mess.

There were problems with designs and other matters including supervision. This site has already spoken how the Planning Authority permits to carry out the works on this construction site were issued in a relatively short period without the BCA (The Building and Construction Authority) permit being released.

This means that architect Adriana Zammit did not file the Commencement Notice with the Planning Authority and this prevented the BCA from proceeding with its authorization. In fact, the BCA immediately announced that there were no documents submitted with its Department reflecting or requesting any such permission in this regard.

It must be stated here that Architect Adriana Zammit was employed for several years as Case Officer with the Planning Authority and then moved on to Infrastructure Malta. Therefore, Adriana Zammit is well-versed in procedures but after Johann Buttigieg left the Planning Authority she too left.

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