The outcome of the probe into the appointment of Robert Vella as CEO of the Authority of Lands remain a mystery

This site has written about the connections between Robert Vella, today’s CEO of the Lands Authority, and Kurt Buhagiar, who acquired a piece of land at Kordin on which a factory was built and which collapsed and killed Jean Paul Sofia.

Even though Kurt Buhagiar has a criminal record after he was caught with others in 2009 trafficking human lives, he has been employed with the Authority for Lands and has also been given a promotion. Moreover, Kurt Buhagiar carries out work of a personal nature for the CEO Robert Vella, who arranged for him to do overtime from 1530 to 2000 hrs, which means he carries on working within the Authority until Robert Vella leaves to go home. This was not the case of one-off overtime but was regular every day.
Furthermore, as previously stated on this site, it was Robert Abela in person who wanted Robert Vella as CEO of the Authority for Lands. Before being appointed Lands Authority’s CEO, Robert Vella worked with MEPA. One immediately realizes where Robert Abela got to know Robert Vella.

When James Piscopo was removed as CEO, according to Law, there should have been a public call for applications in order to fill the vacancy. Therefore, in this instance, the Prime Minister could not directly appoint whomever he wanted. However, the process that took place was all sham. Those within the Authority knew that this was a call made so that Robert Vella would get the post. Nonetheless, there was more than one application. Robert Vella presented his application at the very last minute before the deadline for the call for applications for the post of CEO with Lands Authority closed.

Nevertheless, something odd occurred. The final results were never made public, nor were those who applied informed about the outcome. All they received was a note informing them that the vacancy had been filled. What happened next was that some candidates wrote to the Permanent Secretary, who at the time was Nancy Caruana, to be given a report on how they got on but up to today, there has been no reply. This site has learned that more than one candidate asked how he or she had fared, including the grading obtained and how he or she was classified in the interview. It can be revealed here that at least two individuals asked for the results but so far all remains a mystery!

Robert Vella

2 thoughts on “The outcome of the probe into the appointment of Robert Vella as CEO of the Authority of Lands remain a mystery

  1. After whatever had happened at Kordin, this guy should have resigned of his own free will. If not, action should be taken to be fired from his current post.

  2. How can you expect this guy to resign when he was planted at the Lands Authority, at the expense of other more capable and experienced persons, on clear instructions from Castille….Robert ABELA to be precise.

    There are stories going around that this guy is a Freemason or not, however what is for sure is that this guy is a VERY dangerous person.

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