Malta back in the international news: the Mail reports that the FBI has proof about Hunter Biden’s transaction of illegal funds through Malta

The story of Hunter Biden and the transfer of funds through a Maltese bank was not amply covered by the local media. Now it is back in the news with a big bang. The Daily Mail reported extensively on this story, describing it as a bombshell. The FBI has a document detailing how Joe Biden and his son were committing bribery. 

This transfer of money was related to funds by Burisma Holdings Limited. Burisma Holding Ltd opened an account in the SATA Bank in Malta. Interestingly, one of the Directors of Burisma Holding Ltd is an ex-CIA employee. His name is Joseph Coper Black. He appears in the Cyprus Registry as one of the directors of this particular company. Joseph Coper Black is described as a former CIA agent who has worked as director of the counterterrorism centre. He also served as an ambassador for counterterrorism. In other words, this transfer of money was done with the help of a former CIA agent.

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