Kurt Buhagiar is one with Robert Vella the CEO of the Lands Authority who has replaced James Piscopo on direct orders from Robert Abela

Behind the building that killed Jean Paul Sofia, there is Kurt Buhagiar. Kurt Buhagiar is a high official with the Land Authority. Kurt Buhagiar was caught with two other persons trafficking people. Despite this past criminal activity, Robert Abela’s Government gave Kurt Buhagiar a post with the Lands Authority.

Usually, one needs a Police Conduct Certificate to be employed in the public sector. Not only did Kurt Buhagiar end up employed in the public sector, but he is also Personal Assistant to the Lands Authority CEO Robert Vella. Vella was appointed to this position of CEO on the instructions of Prime Minister Robert Abela. The interviews and application calls were all a scam to remove James Piscopo and replace him with Robert Vella.

This site can reveal a close friendship between Robert Vella and Kurt Buhagiar. Under Robert Vella, Buhagiar was given at least two promotions at the Lands Authority. Buhagiar was not only promoted to become Vella’s personal assistant, but is also looking after Vella’s private and family business affairs.

Moreover, Kurt Buhagiar obtained a plot of public land in order to develop it. This plot of land in question is the site where the fatal accident occurred. These facts render this case different from other deaths on construction sites. Therefore, there is a need for a public inquiry besides the magisterial inquiry.

How can a magistrate investigate these facts? Can one tell me how a magistrate can investigate an individual with a criminal record who ended up being a high official with the Public Authority and is close to the CEO of the Lands Authority? It is also a fact that this Authority was created after the Café Premier scandal and a house on Mint Street. This Authority was set up because it was said that the Government Department responsible for the administration of government property was not functioning well. Therefore, it was abolished. Now, one understands why this site was dead against setting up such an Authority!

Thus, the Prime Minister is not correct when stating that by allowing a Public Inquiry, a precedent would be set because here we are discussing Public Land that was given to individuals who are very close to the CEO of the Lands Authority, who was appointed to this position by Robert Abela in person!

Therefore, in this case, not only is there criminal responsibility that needs to be investigated by the judiciary and the police. Here we also have a public responsibility. Can Government explain how a person who according to The Times of Malta, was being investigated for people trafficking obtained such a position with a Public Authority and ended up also being given more than one promotion within this same Authority and also ended up owning a piece of land from the Government on which this fatal incident took place?

Meanwhile, one asks where Malta’s Secret Service is in this case. Look at what the Times wrote about Kurt Buhagiar in 2009.

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