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Rebecca Buttigieg is the equality secretary, but she stands for anything but equality. Her office is an exploitative weasel for whom conversion therapy is a one-way street for the propagation of radical homosexuality. Her role is transforming Maltese society into a fundamentalist gay society, complete with Sodom and Gomorrah festivities in September. The Prime Minister cannot keep hiding behind her. He anointed her and purposely messed up the agenda he entrusted to her.

I am using the term radical gays on purpose. Unfortunately, this small group is doing more harm than good to all those who want to practise their sexuality in a civilized and normal way, like all the rest of us. These radical gays are giving the impression that they are finding it hard to accept that they cannot reproduce on their own. Therefore, they are poaching our impressionable children to shape their minds as part of a broad ideological agenda. Children are crucial for the future of homosexuality in Malta. This is why Rebecca & Co seek to indoctrinate them with fundamental gay beliefs, values, and ideals from a young age.

The Contrast

Radical gays believe in the supremacy of homosexuality and seek to propagate their ideology in the face of adverse biological limitations. By controlling our children, they aim to mold young minds to embrace their ideals, including their views about sexuality, anti-Catholicism, intolerance for traditional family values, and loyalty to a hedonistic lifestyle. They seek to create a fanatical and unquestioning youth that would grow up to be devoted to a cause that has no respect for who we are and our solid culture that served us well throughout history.

Radical gays are militant homosexuals, and all forms of militancy are equivalent to fundamentalism. They are hiding behind the terms liberal and progressive to become acceptable groups in society and thus could receive funding from the state and the EU. This explains why militant homosexuals want to shape our islands according to their vision, and controlling children is a crucial means to achieve this goal. They aim to create a society that adheres to their principles and would like to perpetuate their ideology even after our current generation of adults passes away. Punitive laws have come into being because, like all fundamental persons, militant gays want to replace existing moral and ethical values with their own. Intolerant movements cannot tolerate other views. As all fundamentalists, what the militant gays do not love isn’t love. So much for love is love.


Therefore, yesterday’s post on this blog that the current gay agenda in Malta is, unfortunately, assuming Nazi praxis is more than correct. Like all fundamentalists, the Nazis aimed to increase the population of desirable individuals according to certain traits while limiting or eliminating undesirable groups, including priests. Controlling children allows the radical gays to influence the demographics of future generations and ensure the continuation of an ideological segment of our population whose DNA has no future in the culture of death. Instead of grafting trees, they graft our children through perverse education while the main political parties are scared to death to champion what Malta and its families truly stand for. Parents have no other option but to distrust the educational system. It’s one thing to live in a country that respects everyone. It’s another thing to live in a legal system that continually threatens to choke our freedom of thought for the benefit of a travesty.

Christ’s message to the militant gays is unequivocal: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18: 6)

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