Il-Prim Ministru ħassar laqgħa li kellu dalgħodu ma’ grupp ta’ backbenchers: il-PN ukoll ser jagħmel konferenza stampa.

Illum kellha ssir laqgħa bejn il-Prim Ministru u grupp ta’ backbenchers. Din ġiet postposta għall-lum fl-4 pm u ħa jiltaqa’ ma’ grupp ieħor ta’ backbenchets fis-27 ta’ Lulju. Dan imħabba l-konferenza stampa minħabba l-inkwiet bil-każ Sofia.

Infatti l-prim ministru ser imur life llum f’nofs in-nhar. Il-Malta Today tgħidilna li ser jintervistah Kurt Sansone.

Anki l-PN ser jagħmel konferenza stamoa.

Fuq kollox, ilbieraħ għall-vot fuq l-inkjesta ta’ Jean Paul Sofis kien hemm nieqes l-Ministru Clyde Caruana. Ir-raġuni mogħtija kienet imħabba xogħol ta’ safar tal-gvern.. Filgħodu kien fil-parlament.

3 thoughts on “Il-Prim Ministru ħassar laqgħa li kellu dalgħodu ma’ grupp ta’ backbenchers: il-PN ukoll ser jagħmel konferenza stampa.

  1. Ghaliex l-oppozzizzjoni ma tinghaqadx Mal gvern u titlob lil Prim Imhallef biex linkjedta tal magistrat tkun konkluza mill aktar fis? Ghaliex? Xinhu jzomm lil magistrat Milli taghmel xogholha b’efficjenza?

    1. Mr Mercieca I agree that magistrate’s inquiry should be concluded as soon as possible. But we do not know why this inquiry was not concluded. Not all inquiries are the same, I assume. Some may be more difficult or problematic than others. And given the pressure made, I assume if the magistrate could she would have concluded it earlier. But let’s say she is nasty or lazy and is not concluding it out of spite. Does that change the plea of the victim’s mother for a public inquiry? Please note that while Robert Abela’s is right to say that only a magistrate inquiry concludes who is criminally responsible, but Sofia’s mother is also right to claim that that magistrate inquiry will not answer the administrative and policy aspect of this tragedy – whereas a public inquiry would. No magistrate inquiry will make suggestions for policy, law or practice reforms as that is beyond the magistrate remit. And as a prime lawyer, Robert Abela knows this for sure. And yet he refused it. I can understand that he is afraid of setting precedent for other tragedies. But for heaven’s sake. Malta needs to get its act together in matters of planning and health and safety. Too many people die or are injured yearly. So clearly something is seriously wrong. And if public inquiries help to get us rid of these losses then so be it! I ask… do the Maltese really, but really, love their children? Or do they just pay lip service?

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