Orban: EU is the main enemy

During a migration summit in Vienna, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban reiterated his firm position on migration, asserting that Hungary will not implement the migration decisions put forth by the European Union. In a resolute statement, Orban emphasized that Hungary will not accept mandatory quotas or build migrant ghettos. He underlined the importance of prioritizing Hungary’s interests and welfare. He went as far as claiming that as things stand, the main enemy of Hungary is the leadership of the European Union:

Hungary must protect itself not only from illegal migrants and smugglers but also from Brussels. They have now adopted a regulation in a decree that makes the building quota for the construction of premises and camps for refugees and ghettos for migrants mandatory for EU member states. This is not only bad for Hungary, but also for you Austrians. The new legislation may be a help for Italy, but not for Hungary because we will have to replace the effective Hungarian model with a European one that does not work. We will not comply with these EU decisions. We will not accept a mandatory quota. We will not accept the obligation to build ghettos and migrant camps. We will find a legal and political way to prevent Hungary from complying with Brussels’ latest decision. The situation is sad, but Hungary must protect itself not only from illegal immigrants and smugglers, but also from Brussels, and we will do it!

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