Archbishop of York states that ‘Our Father’ is problematic.

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The first line of the Lord’s Prayer is “problematic” as it describes God as “our father,” the Archbishop of York told a meeting of Protestant clergy on Friday. A liberal faction within the Church of England has recently been pushing senior leaders to drop “gendered language.”

In an address to the church’s General Synod, Archbishop Stephen Cottrell recited the Lord’s Prayer, but paused to remark on the words “Our Father” that open the 2,000-year-old invocation.

according to The Guardian he stated that:

I know the word ‘father’ is problematic for those whose experience of earthly fathers has been destructive and abusive, and for all of us who have laboured rather too much from an oppressively patriarchal grip on life,”

Cottrell did not elaborate on whether he felt the prayer’s wording should be changed, but his comment divided members of the Synod, which is the Church of England’s governing body.

Is the Archbishop of York saying Jesus was wrong, or that Jesus was not pastorally aware?” asked Canon Dr. Chris Sugden of the conservative Anglican Mainstream group, referring to the fact that both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke recount the prayer being taught directly by Jesus Christ to his disciples.

Rev. Christina Rees, a former General Synod member, agreed that calling God “Our Father” is “hugely problematic.”

“Because Jesus called God ‘daddy’, we think we have to call God ‘daddy’,” she said “And the big question is, do we really believe God believes that male human beings bear the image of God more fully and accurately than women? The answer is absolutely not.”

As ‘theologians’ they should at least know that God the Father while having no biological sex is considered a Father not least by the Son Himself because it is the Father, both literally and metaphorically, that contains the seed and is thereby the initiator of any life-giving process.

And then they wonder why people are abandoning these woke freaks in droves and their churches are closing down at record rates.  

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  1. Yes, Our Father might be problematic to Liberals and LGBTIQ+ community. Problematic because crumbles their agenda and believes and not because it is incorrect. The prayer Our Father, is the only prayer given to us personally by the Lord himself, Jesus Christ. Therefore it is correct and approved by God! Amen.

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