Minister Silvio Schembri is living in a flat linked to Josef Dimech: Dimech is an associate of Saviour Balzan and The Shift published a story already mentioned in an article on this site.

The Shift has published another news item that goes to show that the articles on this site are being read. The narrative carried by the Shift News had Josef Dimech for protagonist. This site had questioned Minister Silvio Schembri about the luxurious flat where he is residing at Ta’ Xbiex. This flat was built by Josef Dimech the key player in this narrative exposed by the Shift News.

According to Maltese Law, Government can only give public land in industrial zones ear-marked for the manufacturing industry. Usually such allocations are bound by a number of conditions including that the investor has to declare the number of employees to be engaged in this new venture. Not only does the Law specify that the land in question can only be used for manufacturing and for no other purpose but the investor cannot sub-let the land to be used by third parties.

But anything linked to Government generates exceptions. A piece of large public land designated exclusively for manufacturing use was allocated for development. However, what is even worse is that equal parcels of this land could be rented out to third parties. This multi-million business deal was clinched between INDIS, the agency for Public Lands and Josef Dimech of JD Holdings Ltd best known for his aluminium business. According to the approved agreement once the project takes off the developer will make a tidy sum of money from the rentals which he has been allowed against all praxis. This deal was concluded in 2018 but has been kept under wraps for these last five years.

When reporting this fact, Shift News stated that over the last few years INDIS Malta has removed certain  conditions concerning sub-leasing to third parties . By giving this businessman this public land in this format, the agency has broken all the boundaries of decency. The Shift News also reported that this businessman is in association with the saints of all saints Saviour Balzan and were jointly allocated a factory in the Mosta industrial zone which to date has not been utilize

What needs to be added here is that today Silvio Schembri, the minister responsible for these lands and Indis is living on the Ta’ Xbiex front in a flat that is worth 1.2 million. Shift News asked Minister Silvio Schembri about this apartment. Minister Schembri did not reply.

Asked to state whether he has conducted any property business with Dimech during the last few years, particularly on a seafront apartment in Ta Xbiex, Minister Silvio Schembri, responsible for INDIS Malta refused to reply.

Therefore, the above para shows that Caroline Muscat reads the articles that appear on this site. It seems that she has now changed her opinion!

No wonder Saviour Balzan and Malta Today have kept quiet and never investigated Silvio Schembri on these issues. Nevertheless, these journalists are awarded prizes for their investigative articles! Incidentally, not even the Repubblichini ever tackle such matters!

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