A Lawyer in the UK compensated after falling victim to transgender lobbyists.

This article is taken from The Daily Telegraph.

A chambers which unlawfully victimised a barrister for standing up to Stonewall has been ordered to pay her £20,000 in costs for “unreasonable conduct”.

Allison Bailey was placed under investigation by Garden Court Chambers for challenging the campaign group’s “trans extremism”, leading an employment tribunal to rule last year that the 53-year-old criminal defence specialist had been discriminated against at work for her gender-critical beliefs.

The case, which attracted huge interest, including support from JK Rowling, was hailed as historic for enshrining a legal protection for employees to express such views.

Now, an employment tribunal has made the unusual decision of awarding a substantial sum in costs to Ms Bailey for the way Garden Court and its legal team conducted itself during the acrimonious litigation.

The panel singled out for criticism the chambers’ failure to compile an adequate trial bundle, which is crucial for the coherent running of a case.

The stinging judgement says it was unclear whether this was the result of poor resourcing or an issue of “personality” on the part of those involved.

Led by Employment Judge Goodman, the panel stated: “Stepping back from the detail, we considered whether there was unreasonable conduct in the preparation of the bundle.

“We concluded that there was.

“As set out, in several respects it went well beyond normal disagreement.”

The Telegraph has approached Garden Court Chambers for comment.

The findings amount to a serious embarrassment for an employer that bills itself as one of London’s finest set of trial advocates.

£20,000 is thought to be the highest costs sum a tribunal can award against a party without having to launch a parallel litigation to argue over the precise amount, which would run up further legal fees.

Ms Bailey has already been awarded £22,000 from Garden Court in compensation for injury to her feelings.

She lost her case against Stonewall itself last year but has an appeal pending.

The lawyer and gender-critical activist ran up costs of £765,665 for the litigation last year – she has relied heavily on a public fundraising campaign to fund the court action – while Garden Court spent £675,673.

Ms Bailey said on Friday that she believed Garden Court had wanted her to pay up to 50 per cent of their costs.

‘Complaints she was transphobic’

The dispute arose from a 2018 email to colleagues arguing against the chambers becoming a Stonewall Diversity Champion.

She told fellow barristers that the campaign group was involved in “harassment, intimidation and threats” against those opposed to its point of view.

The chambers subsequently tweeted that she would be investigated over complaints that she was transphobic, and Ms Bailey claimed her income was subsequently squeezed.

On Friday Ms Bailey said: “This win demonstrated the discrimination and aggravated discrimination to which I personally was subjected by a set of barristers who define and present themselves as defenders of human rights, but it also demonstrated the institutional approaches and beliefs that cause that discrimination to arise – as is now being demonstrated in other cases brought by other women against other institutions.”

She added: “The case demonstrated that standing up for women’s sex-based rights, safeguarding norms and against the medicalisation of puberty in gender non-conforming children and youth, and against Stonewall’s particular brand of campaigning on self-ID, is protected under the Equality Act.”

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