The Bank of England goes woke, becoming a threat to society because of its gender-neutral policies.

You may have been wondering what on earth the Bank of England has been up to when it was supposed to be doing the not unimportant job of keeping inflation in check. Well, now we know. Instead of raising interest rates in a timely fashion to hit its target of keeping CPI inflation at 2 per cent, the Bank has been busy buffing up its trans- and gender-neutral-lavatory credentials. As part of its 2022 submission to be included in the list of the top 100 employers published by Stonewall, the LGBT lobby group, the Bank has stated that people of any gender identity can become pregnant.

I thought the Governor, Andrew Bailey, was looking a bit portly, but few would have guessed he was with child. Twins is it, Andrew?  

The absurdity doesn’t stop there. In 2021, our central bank introduced a “family leave” policy that included the phrase “birthing parent” to mean mother. It emphasised that the term meant “the parent who is/was pregnant with the child but includes persons of any and all gender identities”. Sorry, no, it doesn’t. Only women can give birth unless Governor Bailey has found a cunning way to fashion his own uterus out of discontinued fivers.

Where does this leave The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, I wonder? That has been the Bank of England’s nickname since a James Gillray cartoon of 1797. Clearly, the old dear needs to get with the radical agenda to raise the Bank’s ranking in Stonewall’s top 100 index that measures employers on diversity and inclusion. (The Bank of England came 57th in Stonewall’s annual list last year after submitting a 103-page application.)  

Perhaps the Old Lady could come out as The Non-Binary Hermaphrodite of Threadneedle Street who identifies as an economist who actually knows what they’re doing?  

Maybe if the Bank had wasted less time drawing up a commitment to gender-neutral lavatories (including a pledge to ensure that the seventh floor of its London headquarters offered only unisex toilets) and focused more on its primary responsibility, to serve the public and maintain fiscal probity, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

There is a bigger, far more serious question here, I think. How did so many impeccably dull banks and corporations – as well as government departments, schools, universities, broadcasters, publishers – become in thrall to an organisation whose stated aim is to “crush the heteronormativity of society”?

Stonewall exerts an inordinate and deeply worrying influence over the employment policies of a huge number of organisations. Vying to become Stonewall Diversity Champions, firms actually pay for the privilege of being lectured by Leftist trans-activists on gender-neutral spaces and the use of pronouns.

Are these supposedly intelligent professional people so guilty about their straight white privilege that they willingly pay obeisance to the LGBTQ community by wearing a rainbow lanyard to prove their “allyship”? Or even do as they are told and display that tyrannical flag of “inclusivity” at their workstation.

Brainwashing into a cult, if ever I saw it. Yet it is astonishing how an aggressive trans ideology has completely captured the metropolitan managerial class. All those Hugos and Lavinias abandoning the critical thinking imbued in them by an expensive private education and PPE at Oxford to get down with the puberty-blocking, pregnant-men crowd.  

A friend who works in the City says, “Many of us know it’s nonsense and quite sinister nonsense actually, but people are scared to speak out because they’ll get cancelled or lose their job so they go along with it.”

So successful has Stonewall proselytising been that, as The Telegraph disclosed yesterday, the majority of high street banks are now members of diversity schemes run by this so-called charity. A backlash this past week over banks allegedly closing the accounts of people who do not hold the “correct views” has shone a long overdue spotlight on the frankly alarming grip that Stonewall and its ilk have on key areas of national life.

Don’t get me wrong. It was thanks to a previous incarnation of Stonewall that equality policies were put in place which transformed the prospects of gay people in the workplace. Stonewall’s campaigning back then was invaluable. But this organisation, which bears the same name, won’t be satisfied with mere equality. It seeks the erosion of biological sex, of men and women and traditional values. “Be one of our Diversity Champions or your organisation is transphobic” is the implied threat. Disgracefully, this moral blackmail has led to minority rights being given preference over the views of the vast majority.

Meanwhile, our dozy government is helping to fund a “charity” which remorselessly undermines its own conservative values. According to Stonewall’s 2019 audited accounts, the British government donated £702,295. For what? Why should the taxpayer have to contribute to an organisation which advocates for the chemical “pausing” and mutilation of children?

Apparently, signing up to support this extreme trans ideology is to “be kind”. Well, believe me, there is nothing kind about the impact of Stonewall’s policies on women and girls.

Take that school in Essex where police were recently called in and a boy was arrested after four girls said they were sexually assaulted in the gender-neutral toilets.

A mother whose daughter attends the secondary school filled me in yesterday on the whole shocking story. Alice* sent me the “word salad” letter from the headteacher in which they claimed that “the wellbeing and safety of your children is our priority”.

I’ll hand you over to Alice to tell you the rest: “The fact is they DID NOT keep our girls safe, no matter how many times they now assure us that they will. We’ve all been kept totally in the dark and told only about a ‘safeguarding issue’. The recent letter from the Head only came about as obviously all the children know what has happened, who the alleged perpetrator is, and not to mention the fact the toilets are suddenly now guarded by staff members. Everything seems to be about protecting the perpetrator and, of course, the gender-neutral toilets are still open.”

Alice says that when the new toilet arrangements started there was no parental consultation whatsoever. “There was also clearly no risk assessment. Whilst the school states there were still some separate toilets for boys and girls, this stretches the truth as, during lesson times, only the ‘gender-neutral’ toilets were open.

“The sad thing is, my daughter blindly accepted these new arrangements without question, only saying that she won’t go to the toilet at school any more. Izzy* refused to change her sanitary towel in the gender-neutral loos, such was the girls’ fear of boys hearing and being silly about it. Little did Izzy know, being teased about her periods was the least of her problems – she could have been one of the four girls who were sexually assaulted.”

Alice had to buy Izzy those massive, night-time sanitary towels so her teenager could get through a whole day at school without changing her pad.  

“Although Izzy finds all the gender stuff absolute madness, she is prepared to be appeased and prepared to not change her sanitary pad all day without complaint, just to avoid causing offence. I asked Izzy why she doesn’t complain to staff and she said it’s because she’d be called a ‘transphobe’!”

The 14-year-old has been very scared by the alleged sexual assaults, Alice says, “but she has been so brainwashed that it took me to point out that it happened due to the school letting boys into the girls’ toilets. My daughter calls herself a feminist, but she’s a feminist that is now too scared to stand up for her right to go to the toilet during the day.”

Alice accepts that most men and boys do not mean girls and women harm, “but this ridiculous arrangement allows the few who do mean harm to have easy access to vulnerable girls in their supposed safe place. All this to prevent offence to the tiny number of children who, for a few months, are confused and want to be the opposite sex.”

Alice is one of several mums who have written to tell me about their daughter’s distress over gender-neutral loos at school. Another furious parent reported that her 15-year-old developed a bladder infection after refusing to urinate during the day because boys were, quite literally, “taking the piss” under the toilet doors.

So, as the Bank of England makes a commitment to gender-neutral lavatories, perhaps the —kers of Threadneedle Street could pause and consider the impact of their “allyship” on hundreds of thousands of girls like Izzy.

All those teenagers who are now too scared to go to the loo at school are casualties of Stonewall’s plan to “crush the heteronormativity of society”. And we allowed trans activists to threaten our lovely girls. Shame on us.

Parents and consumers must fight back against this pernicious cult wherever it has taken root. Any bank in thrall to Stonewall should be obliged to inform its customers that it believes women can have a penis, men can be pregnant and  all toilets should be gender-neutral, and give them the choice of moving their account to a saner institution (if any remain).

Customers should write to shareholders of any Stonewall Diversity Champions and threaten to withdraw their custom if the company doesn’t pull out of the scheme. (People power knocked $4 billion off the value of Anheuser-Busch after it foolishly allowed trans influencer and Audrey Hepburn wannabe Dylan Mulvaney to promote its Bud Light beer.)

Mums and dads must threaten legal action against any school where gender-neutral toilets are allowed to endanger their daughters.

I will leave you with Alice’s parting words. They moved me a lot. “What a time to be alive, Allison, when reality is a thing of the past, and we care only to protect hurty feelings and the truth, no matter how obvious it is, is actively denied. I despair for our daughters and wish we could rewind 20 years or hit reset.”

Stonewall is not kind. Stonewall must fall.

*Names have been changed 

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