Anti-Mafia Associations in Sicily are in league with a man who admits to have received gifts from the Maltese mafiosi in support of his electoral campaign.

Yesterday, Manuel Delia wrote a blog insinuating that I am an agent for the corrupt. If there is someone who has worked for the corrupt, this is Manuel Delia himself. If one has to accept the narrative spewed by Daphne Caruana Galizia that Adrian Delia is an evil man, one has to remember that Manuel Delia worked as Adrian Delia’s ghostwriter during the bid by the latter to become the leader of the PN.

While Manuel Delia was writing articles supporting Adrian Delia, Daphne Caruana Galizia was writing poisonous blogs against him, stating that Adrian Delia was corrupt. The truth is that Manuel Delia did not write those write-ups for Adrian Delia out of conviction but but in the hope of getting some form of remuneration. Is this different from the way the mafia works in Sicily?

Manuel Delia stopped writing them because he expected to get paid more. To be exact, so that I would not be called a liar, he asked if there would be compensation since ghostwriting for the leader would be like working for the party, but he was never paid.

Now, the audience can judge the true mercenary in this story and who writes articles in the hope of making a buck. Let us remember that this piece of information came out in court. In court, we learned that Manuel Delia was ready to write articles provided he gets paid well for the job.

Conveniently, those associations in Sicily, which boast themselves as the holier than thou in the fight against the Sicilian Mafia, made alliances with this man who has been proven in court, as far back as 2019, to be ready to be an agent of the “corrupt” provided that they are prepared to give him a big buck! In fact, he asked for remuneration. And this man even got funds from the EU!

Now this man has admitted to have received gifts from the Fenech family for his political campaign of 2013. Are we to believe that the Fenech family gave him money and the use of the Dolmen for free because they believed in his principles? It should be remembered that Manuel Delia got these gifts from the Fenech family because he was a high official working for Austin Gatt. If he was new in politics, I doubt they would have considered sponsoring his campaign.

This is a man who have declared and I quote “I left public service in 2013 with nothing more than what was left of a salary I earned, in amounts that were public knowledge and tabled in Parliament.” Did he declare these gifts and money received from the Fenech family? As a holier-than-thou person, does not Manuel Delia feel that he should have reported these gifts and monetary donations to the respective authorities? As an ardent supporter of the rule of law, does not the law of the land stipulates that all donations given to politicians should also be declared and made public? Now the reader can judge who is lying in this story and who is not. The more this man writes, the more he incriminates himself. Our Lord Jesus Christ has already forewarned us that “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much“. (Luke 16:10).

Remember that Manuel Delia is on record insisting that the Fenech family is the leading mafia family in Malta; now we learn that he received gifts from them. And the anti-mafia organizations in Sicily are in cahoots with this man who gets gifts from a family, whom their bedfellow portrays as mafiosa! In Maltese, we have a saying. Ma’ min rajtek xebbaħtek!

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  1. “…some sort of consolation for them after Europe didn’t freeze and Russia lost more than 230,000 of its men in Ukraine”

    Mark Camilleri on his blog today!

    Ara vera trid tkun b intern ahdar biex tghid li hija konsolazzjoni li r russi inqatluljom 230 elf ruh.

    Vera ahdar!

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