Exposing Mark Camilleri’s political hypocrisy, not that is any need, but anyway.

I received this comment. It was posted in an unrelated article, but the author asked me whether I would accept to upload it. I uploaded it. In this comment, the author exposes the political hypocrisy of Mark Camilleri. Furthermore, this comment deserves to be posted as an independent article. The comment is the following:

“Us journalists”? Since when are you one?

And, reading your trash, makes me wonder how you can reconcile your claims that Labour is corrupt through and through, that all of them are idiotic, criminal, and do not have any balls, with the fact that you were part of it until relatively recently.

Where you the only righteous one? What the fuck were you doing there surrounded by idiots and criminals and god knows what else? Or was it your rent seeking ironically that kept you there?

You are such a fake and bitter git.

Copying and pasting this comment on simon merciecas blog…. at least there the moderator really stands for Free Press….unlike you who is always complaining about the curtailing of rights for the free press. Hypocrite!

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