The Times confirms that the Government amendments were all about introducing abortion in Malta.

The Times confirms that the Government amendments were about introducing abortion in Malta, and all the MPs voted favourably. Simply, all the MPs voted in favour of the introduction of abortion in Malta. Triumphantly, The Times tells us that the “abortion bill [was] approved unanimously by parliament”!

Nevertheless, suppose one needs confirmation that these amendments were about abortion. In that case, this confirmation comes from the fact that the Pro-Choice activists were not in front of our parliament shouting at our MPs that with their vote, they have denied women the right to have an abortion. Instead, during this week, they all vanished abroad. They got out of the country. They did not leave the country because Malta was not safe. They left because they had achieved what they wanted. Therefore, they could leave to enjoy a deserved holiday with their family.

As proof, Aleksander Dimitrijevic posted a Facebook post to tell us that he is enjoying a deserved holiday in Crete with the rest of the family. His wife, Lara, is with him. Usually, his wife, Lara Dimitrijevic, is at the forefront organising demonstrations that the mainstream is keen to bring out as news for the sake of fairness and correct reporting. This time round, Lara Dimitrijevic is not outside parliament protesting that this amendment did not reach her expectations. The various foundations she is linked to have organised no protests. What does this prove? It proves that Lara Dimitrijevic and her friends have achieved their aims despite their criticism of this law. She knows that parliament has unanimously voted for the introduction of abortion. She knows that private clinics will be making money out of all this. Therefore, all the foundations linked with her have nothing to protest about. They all gained from this law. Therefore, with the rest of the family, she could go to Crete to enjoy a well-deserved holiday and tell the whole world about it.

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  1. Jin Laburist u jekk jidhol l’abort hawn Malta huwa tort ukoll tal knisja . Ghalhekk jekk issir referemdum il vot tieghi ukun LE u QATT

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