The Woke, Neil Agius and a “stinger suit”

By a reader of this blog

All the mainstream media reported the sad news that Neil Agius had to abandon his fate of crossing from Mallorca to Ibiza. This had to be a 100-mile swim which had to be abandoned after the swimmer, Neil Agius, encountered a swarm of jellyfish.

Even the media of the Catholic Church sought to give coverage to this event. The reportage of this story exposes how the mainstream media operates. In the past, this site had some articles saying that the Woke are behind Neil Agius. But while the media is lamenting that Agius had to abandon this challenge, I have a question for the team behind him.

How come Neil Agius’s team failed to provide him with a protective suit?! This worldly team professes to be the ultimate swimming gurus, even though the Swimming Federation expressed doubts about them in the past. For sure, this story exposed the fact that this team seems to lack basic knowledge of open-water swimming. Even more worrying is that this story revealed the media hype of an ultra-endurance athlete.

Such a swim has its natural dangers, including currents, temperatures, and jellyfish. Could such a team of gurus, including Neil himself, have never trained and faced such challenges before? That is why stinger suits exist. That is why swimmers use them. What an amateurish letdown. Just in case they have never heard of them, they should just Google “stinger suit”.

4 thoughts on “The Woke, Neil Agius and a “stinger suit”

  1. 99 percent of marathon swimers does not swim in stinger suits. As the spirit of marathon swiming is to swim in its purest form – a legal swim suit, a cap and a pair of goggles. This as it pits the swimer against the elements.

  2. Very stupid article.

    A stinger suit is not permissible in a marathon.

    And it can really only be used during short swims as, in long swims, it ‘s very tiring.

    Don’t keep seeing ‘woke’ everywhere.

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